Habibul Quran, Al Quran Learning Application that Becomes Top 20 of the 2023 Bangkit

Indonesia, as the country with the largest Moslem population in the world, shows a great need to facilitate learning about the Islamic religion, especially learning Al Quran, for various age groups and backgrounds. Facts show that 72% of Moslems in Indonesia still face obstacles in mastering the letters of the Quran.

In the midst of the digital era, technology has become a significant solution for advancing religious education. Facing the challenge of Al-Qur’an literacy in Indonesia, Habibul Quran innovative team consisting of six members, including two from FMIPA Brawijaya University, Febi Febriyanti Salina and Fariz Indra D, created an innovative application entitled Habibul Quran. This application is designed to guide the journey of learning Al-Qur’an with a modern approach and advanced technology.

Habibul Quran Team

“Through HaQu, we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions in eradicating illiteracy and increasing Al-Qur’an literacy among Indonesian Moslems,” said Febi. She also added that HaQu is not just a learning application in general.

“With the support of the latest technology, this application provides a unique and interactive learning experience for users. Carefully created by a team that cares about Al-Quran education, Habibul Quran offers various innovative features that make the process of learning Al-Qur’an easier, more fun and affordable. Habibul Quran’s superior feature involves practicing the pronunciation of Hijaiyah verses and letters with direct evaluation. In addition, audio recordings of Al-Qur’an recitations by famous reciters are also provided, allowing users to learn through examples of correct pronunciation,” she added.

Habibul Quran was pioneered by Febi Febriyanti Salina B and Fariz Indra Darmawan from Brawijaya University, Mujadid Syahbana from the University of Indonesia, Utsman Abdurrahman from IPB, Giovaldi Ramadhan from Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology and Wilbert Josef Tanumihardja from the Kwik Kian Gie Institute of Business and Informatics. These six students joined through Bangkit Academy program in 2023.

HaQu team is part of the top 20 projects in this program, competing with 787 other IT programs. With research carried out for 3.5 months from inception to release on PlayStore, this team succeeded in obtaining funding support of IDR 140,000,000 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and Google.

“We will use this reward to develop Habibul Quran as a big step in the hope that it can have a significant positive impact on increasing digital literacy skills and education in Indonesia. “We believe that learning Al Quran will become more modern, effective and enjoyable through Habibul Quran,” she concluded. (febi/VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)