Good Performance Becomes a Requirements to Enter Banking Interest of Vocational UB

Lectures Atmosphere at the Mini Bank Laboratory Vocational UB

Good performance is one of the additional requirements to enter the banking interest of Vocational Faculty UB. Head of the Department of Business and Hospitality, San Rudiyanto, said that cooperation with the Business and Industrial World (DUDI), especially with banking institutions, requires that student qualifications must be in accordance with the needs of the banking industry. Not only good looking but also smart. This must be proven by passing the written test or passing grade from the report card scores of UB Vocational students.

San explained that the Vocational Faculty is a higher education that aligns the needs of link and match with DUDI. The output of Vocational graduates is expected to produce graduates who can be absorbed into work in industry.

“In the entrance selection for banking, such qualification is one of the additional requirements. The selection process is still carried out through a written test and report cards to determine the qualification of prospective vocational students in accordance with the predetermined passing grade. Then, the performance test is adjusted to the needs of the banking industry, one of which is good looking. This performance test involves practitioners from banking, who conduct direct selection of prospective vocational students,” he said.

Head of the Department of Business and Hospitality, San Rudiyanto

According to San, good looking should not be interpreted narrowly, for example, beautiful or handsome. But from a broader perspective, such as looking attractive, neat, clean, pleasing to the eye, friendly, can also be interpreted as good looking.

“Because vocational banking alumni will work at the forefront of services for a number of vocational partner banks, the standard for frontliner employees becomes the criteria for requirements,” said San.

San added that during the selection of new students, the banking sector also selected participants. This requirement has existed since the vocational school was established or in 2012.

“Before the pandemic, after completing the written test, prospective students would be assessed for their performance by practitioners from banking. During the pandemic, because it is not possible to go offline, the assessment for prospective students who are interested in banking is asked to send a portfolio in the form of photos and videos. The portfolio will be used for the assessment of performance tests by the banking parties,” he said.

This is what distinguishes Vocational Education from other academic programs. Vocational education is required to produce students who are ready to work. Therefore, if it is not absorbed by the industrial world and the business world, it is not in line with the objectives of vocational education.

Not only as a selection team, these practitioners also become Extraordinary Lecturers in Vocational Schools, develop a joint curriculum, and help place students for internships in banking in the industry.

“So, the hope is that when they are actively involved in the vocational education process, the percentage of absorption of graduates from finance and banking study programs will be higher,” he said.

San even revealed that when vocational students do internships at certain banks who become Vocational Partners, some students get allowance above the UMR value, some students receive approximately Rp 4.2 million to Rp 4.5 million in allowance.

Looking at the number of students, banking interest in the Vocational Faculty is one of the most popular study programs.

There are approximately 500 students in one batch of students.

“In the future, we will study to increase the academic level from D3 to Applied undergraduate (D4). This is also responding to the needs of applied undergraduates (D4) as a requirement to be able to become a permanent employee at a bank, which is a Vocational partner as well as to fulfill the link and match of UB vocational education with the business world and industry,” he said. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).