Increasing Tracer Study through SINATRA 2.0

Tracer study is one of the important programs in a university to assess several things related to the quality of the curriculum, teaching and learning facilities, information on graduate data to the career development of an alumnus of a college.

Therefore, Universitas Brawijaya continues to make breakthroughs and improvements in order to conduct tracer study activities better, one of which is by holding the agenda of “Workshop on Operation of Alumni Information Systems and Tracer Study (SINATRA) 2.0 in Universitas Brawijaya” Monday (09/11/2020). The main objective of holding the activities is to synergize the implementation of a centered tracer study at the Career and Entrepreneurship Development Unit.

Located at Ubud Hotel and Cottages Malang, the agenda was opened by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, represented by Prof. Dr. Ir. Hendrawan Soetanto, M.Rur.Sc and Arif Zainuddin, S.H., M.Hum representing the Vice Rector for Student Affairs. The agenda is divided into two sessions, with the Head of Subdivision of each faculty for the first session, and the SINATRA website operator for the second session. A Very good response and enthusiasm was shown by the invited guests considering the importance of implementing a tracer study which can be one of the factors in increasing the rank of Universitas Brawijaya.

It was noted that there were many questions, suggestions, contributions of thoughts conveyed by the invitees who attended the event which were then responded very well by the workshop speakers, Adam Hendra Brata, S.Kom., MT, M.Sc as the Tracer Study Coordinator and Edward Fernando as the representative of ICT Universitas Brawijaya.

The results of the discussion at the workshop will be used as material for evaluation and improvement in completing the development of the Sinatra 2.0 program and it is hoped that it can be operated immediately in early 2021. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]