Collaborates with Village Government, FK Makes Efforts to Prevent Stunting in Mendalan Wangi Village, Wagir

In an effort to reduce cases of stunting in Malang Regency, the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya, through the Community Service team, in collaboration with Mendalanwangi Village Government, Wagir District, carried out Pre-Conception Intervention activities as a method of preventing stunting through preventing early marriage which was held on Thursday (31/8/ 2023).

“In this initial session we carried out an assessment first through FGD (Focused Group Discussion) involving the Village Government and its staff, in this case the Village Head/Head of TP PKK, Modin, Health Cadres, Hamlet Heads, Babinkamtibmas and Babinsa (TNI POLRI) who served in the village. From this activity, we want cooperation from ladies and gentlemen to exchange information, especially related to the causes of early marriage, the number of cases, and sorting out who the main targets are, so that in the future we will carry out activities in the form of education and strengthening the target groups according to our agreement results,” said team representative Dr. Nuretha Hevy P., M.Sc., Sp.DLP.

Meanwhile, the Chair of Mendalanwangi Village PKK Mobilization Team, Chorina Kusbianto, expressed her gratitude for the choice of Mendalanwangi Village as a place for Community Service to be carried out by FKUB.

He said that in Mendalanwangi Village there were still cases of stunting found, but the Village Government always provided assistance starting from pregnancy, birth and up to growth and development.

“Because based on our observations, it is suspected that several babies born with stunting conditions have poor health conditions, including skin diseases and so on, so we at the Village Government continue to try to find ways and fight for these babies with stunting to get access to health services same with other community. “We hope that this activity can provide additional insight and be useful for us who have to deal directly with various conditions in society every day,” said Chorina.

From the results of this FGD, the main focus point for further intervention was found, namely the younger generation through youth organizations. FGD participants also hope that in the future this activity will be expanded not only to Mendalanwangi Village, but also to other villages in Wagir District. (ANG/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)