FTP Becomes the Hosts of P3FNI 2023 Congress and National Seminar on Functional and Nutraceuticals Food

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya (FTP UB) hosted the national seminar and congress of the Association of Indonesian Functional Food and Nutraceutical Activists (P3FNI) at Samantha Krida Building for three consecutive days, (21-23/11/2023) with the theme Carrying Capacity and Sustainability of Functional Food and Nutraceuticals for the Development of Healthy and Productive Societies.

Chaired by Dr. Nat. techn. Elok Waziiroh, S.TP., M.Si., this series of activities includes an MSME Workshop, National Seminar, Parallel Conference, P3FNI Congress as well as an Exhibition and Bazaar for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals involving 50 contributors from industry, the Science and Technology Center of Excellence, MSMEs and students. Moreover, there was also a student scientific competition which was participated by 210 teams throughout Indonesia with the theme “Development of Functional Food Based on Local Food Wisdom”.

Acting as the speaker for the MSME Workshop were Rizka Ma’rufah, S.Farm.Apt from Balai Besar-POM Surabaya (Application of Good Processed Food Production Methods (CPPOB) for MSMEs); Dr Siti Nur Husnul Yusmiati, STP., M.Kes from the Halal Solutions Institute PW ISNU East Java (Understanding the Principles and Process of Halal Certification for Food and Beverage Products) and Aries Yuhandoyo, ST from the East Java Disperindag – Head of PMPI Industrial Product Quality Development and Intellectual Property Section (Brand: Means to Increase the Competitiveness of SME Products).

In addition, there was also a workshop with speaker Yunawati Gandasamita from PT Global Vita Nutritech. Tbk, (Plant-based Functional Food and Beverage Trends); Prof. Dr. Ir. C. Hanny Wijaya, M.Agr from IPB University (Working on Functional Food that is Ready for Publication and Commercialization); and Prof. Dr. Ir. Elok Zubaidah., MP Chair of CoE Tubers and Rhizomes FTP Brawijaya University (Kombucha Jamu Gendong: Transforming Indonesian Traditional Herbal Drink into Functional Comfort Drink).

Acting as a speaker for the seminar which was attended by more than 300 people was Prof. Dr. Tri Dewanti Widyanintyas, M.Kes from FTP UB who presented material on Carrying Capacity of Functional Food and Nutraceuticals Made from Local Food for Stunting Prevention; Prof. Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi from Memorial University of Newfoundland – Canada with material entitled Development of Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals Through Upcycling; Prof. Dr. Gilles J Guillemin from Bionyeri LtD – Australia who explained material about Translational Nutraceutical; Dr. Siti Narsito Wulan, STP., MSc from FTP UB Brawijaya University with material on Tea for Physiological and Psychological Well Being; Prof. Tomonori Nochi from Tohoku University – Japan with his presentation on Recent Advances in Milk Science Based on The Knowledge of Immunology and Microbiology and Prof. Hitoshi Shirakawa from Tohuku University who explained the Novel Functional of Vitamin K and Biotin to Extend Healthy Life Expectancy.

Chairman of P3FNI, Prof. Dr. Ir. C. Hanny Wijaya, M.Agr explained his hope that the existence of P3FNI can bring functional food and nutraceutical MSMEs to the world stage with various products and innovations that can be competitive, dignified and accountable.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FTP, Prof. Ir Yusuf Hendrawan, STP. M.App.Life.Sc.Ph.D., hopes that this activity can become a platform for synergy between academics, practitioners, industry players and MSMEs. Especially for FTP UB that can lead the development of functional food and nutraceutical products and enrich the knowledge of the general public through various assistance for the development of innovation. Prof. Yusuf also hopes that through the high biodiversity that Indonesia has, FTP UB can start to become a center of excellence at the world level.

“Currently FTP UB already has a Tuber and Rhizome CoE. In the future, we hope that FTP UB can also become a center for functional food and nutraceuticals. In Indonesia we have various types of food, our traditional food is diverse, and delicious to consume. “I am sure, if we are serious, with our high biodiversity, Indonesia can become a CoE in the world and that must be started from FTP UB,” he concluded. (dse/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)