FTP Achieved 4 Awards of UBAQA 2020

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya (FTP-UB) won four awards at the same time in the 2020 annual awards event, Universitas Brawijaya Annual Quality Award (UBAQA). The award for the work unit with the best service was announced at the 58th Anniversary of Universitas Brawijaya Open Meeting with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo and the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, BA. MBA which is held online, Tuesday (05/01/2021).
The award that was won by the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya is second place at the faculty level and first place for Agricultural Industry Technology Doctoral Study Program (PS S3 TIP) in the category of doctoral study program. In addition, FTP UB also won two awards in master study program category, namely the first winner for the Agricultural Engineering Master Program (PS S2 TEP) and the third winner for the S2 Agricultural Product Technology Study Program (PS S2 THP).
UBAQA is an annual award to measure the role of faculties, study programs, and supporting units in contributing to the progress of Universitas Brawijaya. Dean of FTP, Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP. responded, “Alhamdulillah, FTP has won many awards at UBAQA 2020. Thank you to all those who have worked hard and fully supported for the achievement of four awards. This also shows that the management of the education system at FTP is quality and competitive, considering that UBAQA variable is measured based on the achievement of accreditation; HR development achievements; student and lecturer profiles; indexed paper productivity, citations, intellectual property rights, and books; foreign student ratio; and completeness of PDDikti data. Once again, thank you for the leaders of the faculties, departments, study programs, all lecturers and staff. Let us continue and keep working to educate the life of our beloved nation, “he explained.
On that occasion, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, beside congratulating Universitas Brawijaya also said that Indonesia needs superior, competent human resources. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic so that the President also emphasized that he must continue to comply with health protocols.
“Congratulations to UB community members on the 58th Anniversary. Hopefully UB can contribute more to the nation’s development. Moreover, we have just passed 2020 which provides a lot of inspiration to make breakthroughs and innovations. The year 2021 is full of challenges and hopes. Stay in compliance with health protocols and continue to be creative in innovating and being disciplined in living, “said Ir. H. Jokowi.
In line with the President, Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim also said that competent college graduates are needed to overcome all the problems of the nation.
“To produce superior graduates, Higher Education must have the courage to instruct itself to be more adaptive, flexible and future-oriented. The best way is to provide meaningful experiences in the world of work while still a student, “said Nadiem. (dse / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)