FTUB – PT PLN Collaboration Strengthens Research Endeavors

FTUB jalin kerja sama dengan PLN kuatkan hilirisasi hasil penelitian

On February 1 2024, the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) held a ceremonial signing of a cooperation agreement as well as a research discussion with PT PLN Puslitbang in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of the FTUB Building.

The PLN delegation included notable figures such as Dr Ir Iswan Prahastono MPhil IPU ASEAN Eng (General Manager), Ariyana Dwiputra Nugraha ST MT (Manager of Research and Assessment for Power Generation and Energy Technology), Rully Sitanggang ST MT (Senior Officer for Research and Assessment of Power Generation and Energy Systems), Brian Bramantyo SDA Harsono ST MEng (Acting Manager of Planning), and Jihan Fadhilah ST. (Secretariat).

The PLN delegation was warmly welcomed by FTUB’s Vice Dean for General Affairs, Finance, and Resources (WD 2), Ir Ismu Rini Dwi Ari MT PhD, and Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Entrepreneurship (WD 3), DrEng Ir Herry Santosa ST MT IPM, along with the entire leader and research team of Chemical Engineering.

Expressing gratitude for their visit, Ir. Ismu Rini Dwi Ari as WD 2 emphasized the importance of establishing competent partnerships.

“I believe that the collaboration would enhance the competence of FTUB’s students, ensuring that UB remains competitive against other institutions,” she said.

Dr. Iswan Prahastono highlighted PLN’s commitment to supporting domestic research outcomes. He emphasized that PLN is ready to support successful research endeavors by universities, as the results can potentially be utilized or purchased by PLN.

The research team from the Chemical Engineering department, including Supriyono ST MT, Ir Bambang Poerwadi MS, DrEng Ir Christina Wahyu Kartikowati ST MT, Diah Agustina Puspitasari ST MT, MAr’atus Sholihah ST, currently researching batteries under cooperation with PT PLN.

Ir AS Dwi Saptati Nur Hidayati ST MT, the Secretary of the Chemical Engineering Department, hopes that this collaboration will facilitate mutual contributions that are both impactful and beneficial for the nation.

This collaboration has the potential to enhance another research to benefit all parties involved and hopefully lead to meaningful contributions towards bettering our country,” she concluded. (mic)