FT dan DPKA Gelar Brawijaya Career Expo x Engineeds

For 2 (two) days, Saturday-Sunday (11-12/5/2024) the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) held a collaboration with Universitas Brawijaya in organizing the Brawijaya Career Expo x Engineeds FT UB event. This event took place with great fanfare and became an important event for students who are preparing to enter the world of work.

Brawijaya Career Expo x Engineeds is a job exhibition held for two days, inviting 55 institutions to attend to offer job vacancies and scholarships for students, UB alumni and other participants. This event provides an opportunity for students and alumni to meet directly with companies, explore career opportunities, and get information about the qualifications and competencies needed in today’s world of work.

One of the main highlights in this series of events was a guest lecture held at Auditorim Brawijaya with the speaker being the Director General of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Ir. Iwan Suprijanto, ST, MT, FIDSK, IPU, QRGP, CRGP. In this guest lecture, he provided guidance to students about the importance of mental and technical readiness before entering the world of work. With the theme “Strategies for Passing BUMN and Multinational Companies”. He underlined the need to adapt to technological developments and innovation in the fields of engineering and infrastructure.

“In this era of globalization, technical competence alone is not enough. Students must have the ability to adapt, think critically, and collaborate in interdisciplinary teams,” he explained.

In this session, he also emphasized the importance of soft skills such as communication and time management which will be very helpful in the dynamic and challenging world of work. Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, SH., MH., appreciated this collaboration and expressed his hope that Brawijaya Career Expo x Engineeds could become a bridge for students to get to know the world of work more closely.

“This event is not just a job exhibition, but also a learning platform that provides new insights and prepares students to face challenges in the professional world,” he added.

Brawijaya Career Expo x Engineeds also holds various workshops and seminars aimed at improving students’ practical skills. Topics covered include effective CV writing, job interview strategies, and long-term career development.

The enthusiasm of the participants was seen from the high level of student participation in various event sessions. They take advantage of this opportunity to expand their networks, exchange information, and dig deeper into the industries they are interested in. It is hoped that through this event, graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University will be better prepared and competitive in entering the global job market. Brawijaya Career Expo x Engineeds 2024 is expected to be an important momentum for student career development and strengthening collaboration between universities and the industrial world, as well as supporting Brawijaya University’s vision to produce superior and highly competitive graduates.[drn]