FT Wins Achievements at ICRCC 2022

Students of the Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) succeeded in achieving achievements in the 2022 Indonesia Chemical Reaction Car Competition (ICRCC) which was held by the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) online through zoom meeting on Friday-Sunday (27-29/05) /2022).

ICRCC is an international competition which is participated by various students from 3 countries, namely Iran, Colombia and Indonesia. UB sends 2 teams to participate in this competition, namely Bumantara Team and Gardapati Team with supervisor Ir. Bambang Poerwadi., M.S.

In the competition, the Gardapati Team that was chaired by Ivan Dwiharyo (Chemical Engineering 2020) with the members; Wahyu Dhiski Pratama (Chemical Engineering 2019), Kevin Chandra Wijaya (Chemical Engineering 2020), Rasyid Islami Nurdin (Chemical Engineering 2020) and Sri Wahyu Wulandari (Chemical Engineering 2020) won 2nd place by creating a car named Paw-paw. Ivan explained that this Paw-paw is a small prototype that is driven by a chemical reaction.

“We use pressurized gas as a power source resulting from the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide which will then push the piston and make the Paw-paw car run,” said Ivan.

Behind their achievements, Ivan also told about the preparations they made for the competition. “Since August 2021, we have started doing research to determine which power source to use and improving the mechanical aspects so that our car can run smoothly and straight,” he said.

The Bumantara team led by Diaz Syadana (Chemical Engineering 2018) with members ;M. Ilhammudin (Electrical Engineering 2018), Soraya Gendis (Chemical Engineering 2019), Mohammad Okta (Chemical Engineering 2019), and Naufal Imaddudin (Chemical Engineering 2019) won the 1st winner by creating a car named Nirmana.

Diaz as the team leader explained that Nirmana is a chemical car made using a Zinc-Air Battery as a power source and an iodine clock reaction as a stopping mechanism. Zinc-Air Battery uses play zinc as the positive pole and a copper plate coated with the cathode as the negative pole.

Meanwhile, Ivan hopes that UB team will be able to maintain a consistent spirit and keep struggling to continue the better achievements in next year’s competition or other competitions in the future. (Afia/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)