FPIK Dispatches the 5th Saseel Expedition Team

The Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FPIK-UB), Prof. Dr. Maftuch, released the departure of the 5th Saseel Expedition Team (Kampestan Saseel Social-Scientific Expedition V, abbreviated KSSS-V) which lasted for one month (19/7-20/8/2002).

Saseel is the easternmost island group of East Java Province and is the subject of study for students of the PSP FPIK Study Program every year. This year’s expedition focuses on exploring the coast of a small island with a million potentials.

In the expedition, the 22 people of FPIK team consisted of 9 boys and 13 girls. They were accompanied by Dr. Ir. Dewa Gede Raka Wiadnya, M.Sc and Ir. Sukandar, MP as Trustee of the Student Association for the Utilization of Fishery Resources.

The team departed via Tanjung Wangi Port, heading to Sapeken (Ferry Sabuk Nusantara) with a travel time of 24 hours, depending on conditions and weather at sea.

From Sapeken Island, they continued the cruise using a local boat to Saseel Island with a travel time of about two hours.

For approximately three weeks, the team will live with the local community and participate in all community activities, including fishing, daily life and culture of the local community, which is a mixture of Bajau, Bugis and Madurese ethnic groups.

Dewa Gede Raka Wiadnya said that Saseel Expedition would later become part of the MBKM program for the Fisheries Resource Utilization Study Program, FPIK, equivalent to between 20-40 credits.

“They will become beach cleaning volunteers who are expected to increase public awareness to maintain the sustainability of the coasts of our outer islands in pursuit of progress,” said Gede.

Gede added that this expedition will of course put students in a stronger position to face all these challenges.

“The main lesson that can be learned from the community is the ability of micro and small scale fisheries to adapt to meet their daily needs,” said Gede.

The KSSS-Expedition team will close the activities on the Saseel island by preparing and participating in the independence ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia.

The 5th Saseel Expedition was also carried out to support the Love of the Sea Month Program from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP).

This experience is also a preparation for students to play a role in KOMCAD (Reserve Components) of the Indonesian Navy, which has collaborated with FPIK. (FPIK/Humas Ub/ Trans. Iir).