My ECO Founder Shares Business Tips for Beginners

Tips for Running a Successful Business. Source

CEO and Founder of My ECO, Maulana Derifato Achmad shared tips to a number of students who want to start their business.

In his presentation, Derifato, who is still a student of Information Technology Study Program for Vocational Education UB, said that there are five basic important points needed by prospective business people to be able to start a business.

First, it starts with catching the problems that are around.

The second started trying to build a solution using the available resources.

Third start doing the most easily executed tasks

“Don’t forget the time management, and the last point is the importance of networking business,” he said.

Derifato suggested that beginners do not need to be discouraged or insecure to start a business, because companies as big as Google and Amazon also started from a small building.

The enthusiasm of the webinar participants can be seen from the many responses in the form of questions and responses delivered by the participants of the webinar.

The seminar closed with the distribution of e-certificates by UPKK to all participants.

The online seminar is the third time in 2021.

This activity is a form of collaboration between UPKK and Entrepreneur Innovation and Incubator Agency (BIIW) UB by presenting the main speaker, Maulana Derifato Achmad, CEO of myECO, an assisted startup by BIIW UB which is engaged in Information Technology by offering automatic electricity saver tool solutions on Internet of Things (IoT)-based through a product called Smart EcoRoom.

This webinar was conducted online through Google Meet application which was attended by 70 participants on Friday (28/5/2021).

The webinar is attended by UB students and the general public. (UPKK/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).