FKUB and RSSA Continue to Improve Collaboration of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education

Coordination Photo: FKUB Dean’s Staff and RSSA Board of Directors, East Java Province

Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University and RSUD dr. Saiful Anwar East Java Province continues to strengthen and improve cooperation and coordination in order to realize and implement the cooperation that has been carried out between these two institutions.

This was implemented in a series of working visits and coordination from FKUB leadership deans who were received by RSSA Board of Directors in the Dewas Meeting Room, 7th Floor, RSSA on Tuesday morning (17/10/23).

Coordination activities that are routinely carried out by these two institutions discuss several things, including educational evaluation, related to RSSA collaboration as the main educational hospital and the educational process, financing and facilities or infrastructure supporting education and services for students, both COASS and PPDS.

As the main teaching hospital, RSSA has a rich history of helping, facilitating as well as being a vehicle for learning and field practice for FKUB students, and now there are around 20 specialist study programs whose educational processes are also centered at RSSA.

There are not many implementations of harmonious collaboration like those carried out by FKUB and RSSA, hopefully in the future we can continue to improve this collaboration for sustainability and produce competent medical graduates, health workers and specialist doctors. (An4nk – FKUB/OKY/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)