Faculty of Medicine Provides Digital Stethoscope Training for Health Workers  at Gondanglegi Health Center

FKUB Community Service Team Provides Digital Stethoscope Training to Health Workers at Gondanglegi Community Health Center

The Faculty of Medicine of Brawijaya University (FKUB) held training on the use of digital stethoscopes and mobile digital stethoscope applications independently for health workers at Gondanglegi Health Center, Malang Regency, Tuesday (06/02/2024).

This activity is the realization of FKUB’s Community Service (PkM) program, a technology application scheme for PkM partner assisted villages.

Training was given by dr. Thareq Barasabha, M.T as the Activity Coordinator and initiator of the digital stethoscope for health workers consisting of doctors, nurses and midwives who work at Gondanglegi Community Health Center working area.

Training was given by dr. Thareq Barasabha, M.T as Activity Coordinator and initiator of the digital stethoscope

Thareq said that digital stethoscopes play an important role in collecting patient medical data in real-time.

“With the help of this tool, medical personnel can examine patients’ heart and lung hearing with high accuracy, even though they are at long distances,” said Thareq.

This technology also helps health workers to exchange information or consult with each other with the aim of getting an appropriate interpretation, thereby producing the right diagnosis.

The training was attended by the Head of Gondanglegi Community Health Center, Drg. Imam Mashuda. In his speech, he appreciated this outreach and training, especially to help reach patients who are not able to come to health services.

On this occasion, FKUB PkM team provided two sets of digital stethoscopes for Gondanglegi Health Center medical staff to be used in providing health services to patients.

This activity was also attended by a joint team of FKUB students and the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UB who participated in developing digital stethoscope equipment and mobile digital stethoscope applications. [Saf/Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]