FKH Celebrating Anniversary Through Social Service

The Delivery of Assistance to the Community of KaliSongo Village

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) celebrates the 12th Anniversary through social service for the community of Kalisongo Village, Wednesday (19/8/2020).
The social service carried out by FKH was distributing 3000 scuba cloth masks in 24 RT of Kalisongo Village, 20 hand washing corners in the form of padasan (pottery) in Cempluk village for the implementation of Clean Living Implementation (PHBS) which was still integrated with the cultural village atmosphere, as well as providing packages of food support for families affected by COVID-19.
All of the assistance was delivered directly at the Hall of Kalisongo Village by the dies natalis committee and received by the Head of Kalisongo Village, the Chair of PKK Kalisongo Village and the Heads of 24 RT in RW 1, RW 2, RW 3 and RW 4 areas and was attended by the Head of BPD, Babinsa ( police) and Babinkamtibmas (TNI) of Kalisongo Village.
The chief executive of FKH Anniversary, drh. Dodik Prasetyo, M.Vet said that the social service this time was an implementation of one of the anniversary themes, which is sharing.
“In this anniversary, three event concepts are presented, which are sharing, achieving and being grateful. For social service, this is an implementation of the concept of sharing since it happened coincidently with the COVID-19 pandemic, “said Dodik.
A similar statement was also conveyed by the Dean of FKH UB, drh. Dyah Ayu Oktavianie, M.Biotech, where the existence of FKH UB on campus II UB Dieng must always be able to provide real benefits to the surrounding community.
Social assistance programs are held smoothly by adhering to the COVID-19 protocol, including checking body temperature, washing hands, wearing masks, no shaking hands and limiting distances.
The Head of Kalisongo Village welcomes and accepts this social service event with pleasure, and hopes that the harmony and cooperation between the existence of UB Campus 2, especially FKH UB, and the Kalisongo village community will remain closely and well established. [DP / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].