FK UB Places the 3rd Position at the National Ranking of THE WUR by Subject

FK UB Places the 3rd Position at the National Ranking of THE WUR by Subject: Clinical and Health.

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is in third place of national ranking for the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE WUR) 2022 by Subject: Clinical and Health. Namely a ranking that highlights the leading universities in the fields of medicine, dentistry, and other health fields. These results were released by THE WUR rating agency on September 16, 2021.

The Head of Rating Center, Adharul Muttaqin, S.T., M.T said that UB is in third place after UI and UNAIR. And based on the score, UB is ranked 601+ in the world together with UNAIR, UGM, UNHAS, and UNPAD.

The assessment criteria of WUR by Subject consist of five pillars, namely citations (30%), industry income (2.5%), international outlook (7.5)%, research (30%), and teaching (30%). The scores obtained on the Clinical and Health subject are 24.9 for citations, 42.1 for industry income, 25.2 for international outlook, 7.8 for research, and 13.8 for teaching.

“Teaching is observed from a survey of reputation in terms of teaching, the ratio of lecturers to students, the number of doctoral students compared to undergraduate students, and institutional income. While the Research category refers to the number of publications and income from research, International Outlook is the number of foreign students and lecturers as well as publication collaborations with foreign countries, and Industry Income from the income earned by UB from industry,” said Adharul.

Being among the leading universities in Indonesia in the field of Clinical and Health does not necessarily make UB complacent. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. dr. Wisnu Barlianto, Sp.A., M.Si.Med said that he wanted to continue to improve the ranking.

“Actually, UB has a long-term development plan with an international rating target of 500+. So, hopefully in the next few years our ranking can rise even higher,” he said.

According to the dean, the categories of citation, teaching, and research have the greatest weighting. Therefore, the faculty seeks to boost research. Starting from improving the ability to write scientific proposals and articles, as well as developing research funds.

“Later on, all lecturers are expected to have good writing skills, and their work can be published in international reputable journals, so that it will have impact on increasing citations,” said this pediatrician.

This is the second year that FK-UB has been ranked in THE-WUR by Subject, where the previous year it was also ranked 601+.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. dr. Aulanni’am, DES expressed his happiness for this achievement, and hopes that this success will continue to be improved.

“This Clinical and Health subject has the highest score in the industry income category, which is 42.1. The highest compared to the other four categories. Although the weight of assessment is only 2.5 percent, of course the value obtained is in line with the support from UB Rector who continues to encourage all Academic and Non-Academic Business Entities, especially the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Agency (BIIW) as a unit that supports the downstream innovation so that products can used by society. For example, there are many innovations in the health sector produced by UB researchers which ultimately add value to the industry income. Hopefully, in the upcoming THE WUR rankings, FK will achieve better scores on the five pillars,” said Prof. Aul.

Besides Clinical and Health, UB is also ranked in THE-WUR by Subject in Engineering (1001+), Computer Science (801+), Physical Sciences (1001+), and Life Sciences (801+). [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]