FK-UB Helps Residents in Kendalpayak Village to Prevent Hypertension and DM

FK-UB Helps Kendalpayak Village Community to Prevent Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus

The Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya (FK-UB) in collaboration with Malang Regency held community service activities in villages in Malang Regency, one of which was in Kendalpayak Village, Pakisaji District, Saturday (05/08/2023).

Kendalpayak Village is known to have health problems, namely the high number of people with hypertension and diabetes mellitus or diabetes in the elderly. This program is a form of FK-UB’s concern in helping Malang Regency government to overcome these health problems by educating and screening hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

The FK-UB community service team coordinated by dr. Novi Khila Firani, M.Kes., Sp.PK conducted education and screening for 85 elderly and pre-elderly residents who attended Kendalpayak Village Hall.

Examinations carried out included blood pressure, fasting blood sugar levels, as well as education for self-monitoring of health.

Novi explained that hypertension and diabetes mellitus are diseases that can cause various complications, and can even cause premature death.

“Hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure, which can lead to complications of stroke, heart failure and kidney failure. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by high blood sugar levels, which can lead to complications such as blindness, diabetic wounds that are difficult to heal, kidney failure and cardiovascular disease. Hypertension and diabetes mellitus are degenerative diseases that affect people of old age and last for years, so they need to be prevented from an early age,” said Novi.

This community service activity involves other FK-UB lecturers, namely dr. Happy Kurnia Permatasari, Ph.D., dr. Danik Agustin Purwantiningrum, M.Kes, as well as involving Clinical Pathology Specialist Medical Education students namely dr. Rahmatul Yasiro and dr. Nikmatus Sholihah, and Bachelor of Medicine student Teresa Wynne Dianita.

This activity will be continued with monitoring and evaluation on September 9.

“We hope that this community service activity can be useful in preventing hypertension and diabetes mellitus in the community,” concluded Novi. [NKF/Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]