FK Celebrates its 49th Anniversary

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FKUB once again celebrated its 49th Anniversary with the theme “Strengthening Internal Capacity in the Implementation of PTNBH in FKUB”, on Sunday (8/1/2023). FK Dean Dr. Dr. Wisnu Barlianto, M.Sc.Med, Sp.A(K), in his remarks said that in more than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic we were able to overcome all kinds of challenges and produce many innovations both from the education sector, research as well as in the field of community service.

“One of our plans is for FKUB to achieve an international reputation, so we and all members of the community are ready to achieve and support this achievement together. I thank UB, the entire academic community, educational staff and all committees who have prepared the 49th anniversary of FKUB,” he said.

UB Rector, Prof. Widodo, S.Sc.,M.Sc.,PhD also congratulated and gave his wishes for the 49th Anniversary of FKUB

“Congratulations to the entire FKUB family on its 49th Anniversary, I hope that in the future you will always be given convenience and always be blessed and can also continue to be the best for Indonesia,” said Prof. Widodo.

The Anniversary Celebration was filled with various kinds of events, ranging from free Health Examinations, IVA Examinations, and Free Medical Treatments; Art Talent and Competition: Band Competition, Vocal Competition, Flashmoob Competition, Photography Competition; Chess Competition, Fun Run, Gowes to FKUB student and Alumni Workshops. (DEV/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).