FISIP UB Implements Collaboration with Monash University

Brawijaya University (UB)’s commitment to expand concrete collaboration with world-class universities is carried out, one of which is the Lecturer Works program. UB’s Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) welcomed this program by sending lecturers to implement collaboration with Monash University, Australia. Two activities were carried out, namely inviting Professor Katrina Lee-Koo as a visiting professor in the Political Science Study Program, FISIP UB.

Furthermore, two Political Science lecturers, namely Juwita Prastiwi, Head of the Political Science Study Program and Fajar Ramadlan, Curriculum Team took part in a workshop on (9/10-11/10/2023) at the Faculty of Arts, School of Social Sciences, Monash University Clayton. In this activity, experiences were exchanged in curriculum preparation, study program management such as integrative learning which allows students to have more skills, class guidance processes (tutorials), and other creative learning processes.

This activity involved the leadership at the School of Social Sciences, including Professor Jack Corbett as Chair. From the Department of Politics and International Relations there are Dr Zareh Ghazarian, Dr Narelle Miragliotta, Dr Bill Flanik, Dr Tom Chodor, Professor Katrina, and Dr Souvik Chakraborty. On the same occasion, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, FISIP UB, Dr. Faishal Aminuddin, held a working meeting with the Vice Dean of Education, Professor Ben MacQueen, to explore technical plans for cooperation between student excursions and the International Undergraduate Program.

“Our visit was in order to discuss academic collaboration between faculties, as well as curriculum discussions between the Political Science Study Program and the Political Science and International Department,” said KPS Political Science Juwita Hayyuning, S.I.P., M.I.P.

The series of activities ended on October 12 2023 with the finalization of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) text between Monash University and UB which was attended by Dr Faishal and Dr Nurjannah as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UB. In the activity which took place at the Chancellary head office, the MoU text was signed by UB Rector and followed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor. The MoU will be the official umbrella for full-scale cooperation involving activities ranging from research collaboration, academic exchanges, student and lecturer mobility and other activities. [fisip/pon/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]