FISIP is Ready to Help Sultan Rif’at Alfatih, Help with Lecturing Process to Legal Advocacy  

The story of Sultan Rif’at Alfatih, Wednesday (26/7/2023) is viral. This FISIP Government Science student became a victim of a dangling fiber optic cable which left him with a serious wound in the throat.

This incident occurred in Jakarta on January 5, 2023. As a result of this incident, Sultan Rif’at was completely unable to speak. He also could not eat and drink normally.

This condition made the campus where Sultan studied also moved. The Dean of FISIP, Anang Sujoko S.Sos., M.Sc., D.Comm, revealed that his party continues to actively communicate with Sultan’s parents to help with the lecture process.

“We, through the Head of Government Science Study Program, continue to communicate with Sultan. We are committed to helping the college process,” he explained.

“Right now we suggest taking time off. If you are going to continue studying at UB, FISIP is ready to accompany Sultan to complete his studies,” continued Anang Sujoko.

Not only that, this man who graduated from the University of South Australia admitted that he had communicated with the Faculty of Law to assist in advocacy by providing legal assistance to Sultan.

“We have coordinated with FH friends. Sultan will also take legal action on this matter, we will help with advocacy from FH friends,” he said.

FISIP through the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Entrepreneurship has also communicated with UB FH Alumni Association to help Sultan, one of which is by providing legal assistance.

“I have also coordinated with the Vice Dean for student affairs at FISIP. He has communicated with UB Faculty of Law alumni who are ready to provide legal assistance,” he said.

Anang Sujoko emphasized that his party would continue to assist Sultan until he got the responsibility he should have.

“I also contacted his uncle earlier, the point is that Sultan is a member of UB community and we will cooperate in this case until the company is held accountable,” he said.

To note, to eat and drink, Sultan now has to use a hose. Everyday only able to consume milk and liquid food.

In his struggle to survive, Sultan must undergo a series of operations. Sultan’s medical expenses have so far reached 1.5 billion rupiah. (FISIP PR/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)