FISIP and MPR RI Officially Establish Collaboration

The strategic partnership was built by FISIP Brawijaya University (UB) with the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR RI). Both institutions agreed to establish mutually supportive cooperation between both parties.

The inauguration of this collaboration was held at Brawijaya University (UB) Guest House, Monday (11/13/2023). The Dean of FISIP UB, Prof. Anang Sujoko S.Sos., M.Si., D.COMM, said that the inauguration of the collaboration between FISIP and MPR RI was not just on paper but was immediately implemented.

“So we signed this MoA, not only about discourse, but we immediately implemented it, one of which was the formulation of an academic text regarding the MPR Bill,” he said.

According to Anang Sujoko, this collaboration is a form of MPR RI’s trust in FISIP UB.

“We immediately implemented it with FGD to prepare the academic text of the MPR Bill,” he explained.

Furthermore, there are still other forms of collaboration that will be carried out, such as internship programs, both independent and MBKM.

” MPR RI is ready to accept students who want to undertake an internship program,” explained Anang Sujoko.

Meanwhile, Head of the Constitutional Studies Bureau of the Secretariat General of MPR RI, Heri Herawan SH, said that his party has an academic study program. However, before that is done, there must be cooperation between the two parties.

“This collaboration with FISIP is carried out for academic study programs and other programs. The current program aims to create and compile academic texts for drafting the MPR RI Bill,” he said. (FISIP PR/OKY /UB PR/ Trans. Iir)