FISIP Invites the Community to be Aware of Waste Together with Marrine Buddies

The Community Service Team of FISIP UB consisting of Wifka Rahma Syauki, M.Si and Wayan Weda Asmara Dewi, M.I.Kom in collaboration with Marrine Buddies Malang held a webinar entitled Life without Plastic “Handling Plastic Waste in Malang Raya”.

Marrine Buddies is one of the organizations formed by WWF and is spread in several cities, one of which is Malang City.

This organization focuses on handling waste, especially in water areas such as rivers and beaches/sea.

The activity began with remarks from the Head of KJFD, Nufian Febriani, M.I. Kom who emphasized the importance of campus collaboration with organizations outside the campus, especially in delivering environmental communication campaigns.

In his speech, Nufian hoped that the activities would be sustainable.

Wifka, the Head of Community Service who was also the moderator at that day continued the event by conveying the main theme of that day’s activity was highlighting the condition of waste in Malang and the handling also the activities that Marine Buddies have carried out in dealing with plastic waste.

Adrian Sakti as a speaker from Marine Buddies said that in Malang itself, the waste that still dominates is food waste, plastic waste is in third place.

Marine Buddies raised 4 main issues, namely Marine Biodiversity, Climate Change, Plastic-Free Ocean, and Ecotourism. Marine Buddies Malang will later take action not only in the scope of the beach and the sea, but also take action around the Malang City so that people are more aware of the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem since we believe that whatever we do on land will end up in the sea. Marine Buddies Malang will carry out various actions in the future, both internal and collaborative actions with various parties such as communities, students, and government agencies.

Furthermore, Adrian explained that some of the strategy activities carried out by Marrine Buddies in Malang Raya were focus on River Clean ups and Beach Clean ups, how they carried out routine river and beach cleaning activities in the area of Malang Raya.

Activities that are also planned by Marrine buddies in their campaign expansion are that they will schedule Goes to School and Goes to Campus activities to invite more elements of society who care about the environment.

In addition, they also conduct Management of Training, a training so that people are wiser in managing waste, especially plastic waste.

This Community Service activity also invited speaker from other NGO outside the area of Malang Raya, specifically from Bali, namely Bye Bye Plastic Bag. This activity aims to provide an overview of how the movement in Bali in dealing with the waste problem. Bali itself was chosen since it is a tourist destination that has the potential to contribute the amount of waste from visiting tourists.

Bye Bye Plastic Bag, abbreviated as BBBP, is a non-government organization that is driven by a group of youths who want to tackle the problem of plastic waste in Bali. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]