**Finalization of KNB Scholarship SOP, IAA Unit Holds Workshop with Relevant Units**

The International Academic Affairs Unit (IAA) held a workshop for the “Finalization of SOP for the KNB Scholarship Program” on Thursday (June 20). The event took place in the Arjuna Meeting Room, Swissbelinn Malang. Several IAA administrators and units at Universitas Brawijaya involved in this matter attended the event, including the Head of IAA, Dr. Didik Hartono, S.S., M.Pd, and the Director of Finance, Dr. Mohamad Khoiru Rusydi, S.E., M.Ak., Ak.
As the host, Didik stated that this activity was carried out in accordance with the mandate from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology to all state universities offering the Developing Countries Partnership (KNB) scholarship program from the ministry. He mentioned that some time ago, the ministry sent letters to all these universities, including UB, to submit the final SOP for the implementation of the scholarship program. Since there are some SOPs at UB that need to be coordinated with the relevant units, this event was then organized. “We would like to thank all of you who are willing to attend our invitation, to fulfill our mandate to the ministry for this KNB program,” Didik said.
Furthermore, Didik explained that among the SOPs that need to be refined are the academic administration, financial, and student services SOPs. According to Didik, the number of KNB scholarship recipients at UB is not large, but the management of the program requires a bit more effort compared to other programs. Specifically, Didik requested that the financial distribution flow from the center to UB and then to the scholarship recipients be further improved. “The number of KNB students is not many, but the administrative matters are more complex than other scholarships,” he added.