FILKOM Held Socialization of Intellectual Property Rights for Lecturer

The Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB) held a socialization event to provide a deeper understanding of Intellectual Property Rights (HKI), Monday (15/8/2023). The event was attended by all lecturers, as well as several related educational staff who were interested in understanding rights related to intellectual property.

The speaker in this socialization are Dr. Dian Eka Ratnawati, S.Sc., M.Kom as Head of the UB Center for Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) who is also a FILKOM lecturer, and Dias Satria, SE., M.App.Ec., Ph.D as Head of the Information and Downstreaming Center UB.

One of the main objectives of this event is to provide a clearer picture of the various types of IPR, as well as the mechanisms for legal protection in each field. In this socialization, it was also explained how copyright protects creative works, how patents provide protection against new inventions, and how brands create a unique identity for a product or service.

IPR is a right that provides legal protection for the intellectual creations of a person or a group, covering various fields such as copyrights, patents and brands. In an effort to increase understanding and awareness of the importance of IPR among academics, FILKOM UB held this socialization as a form of commitment to advancing understanding of legal aspects in the world of technology and innovation.

Dian Eka when delivering material to FILKOM lecturers who were present

“Innovation and technology are increasingly complex, and understanding IPR is very important to protect our creative and innovative rights. With a strong understanding of IPR, we can encourage the creation and development of superior works that provide real benefits to society,” said Dian Eka.

Dian also explained that IPR is a private right, more precisely an exclusive right granted by the state to creators, designers, inventors to give appreciation for their work and creativity in encouraging others to be motivated to further develop existing works.

Meanwhile, the second speaker, Dias Satria, explained about the development of innovation, especially for lecturers in UB. Lecturers are required to create and develop their innovations, since the duties of a lecturer are not only teaching but also in the field of research and service where this requires research and innovation.

“Lecturers as researchers have a crucial role in developing knowledge in various fields. Innovation in research can produce solutions to actual problems faced by society. Lecturers who innovate in research not only contribute to scientific knowledge, but also open opportunities for the development of new technologies and practices,” explained Dias.

This socialization also provides opportunities for attending lecturers to ask questions and have direct discussions with experts, thus creating an interactive environment that facilitates better understanding. In addition, several guidance materials on IPR were also distributed to the participants as useful reference sources.

With the success of this socialization event, FILKOM UB hopes that the participants can bring a better understanding of the importance of IPR in the world of innovation and technology. With increasing awareness of the importance of IPR, it is hoped that Indonesia can continue to move forward in the field of innovation and technology, with strong legal protection to protect the intellectual property rights of creatives and innovators, especially of lecturers and teaching staff. [drn/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]