FILKOM UB Collaborates with Student Executive Board in Order to Prevent and Handle Sexual Violence and Bullying in Campus Environment

The Head of the Dean (Dean and Deputy Dean) held a discussion with the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Computer Science holding the Dewa Ngoding activity (Dean – Students Chat and Important Discussions) on Thursday (22/9/2022) at the Student Creativity Building (GKM FILKOM UB). In addition, this activity was also attended by the Head of the Counseling, Career Development, Integrated Services for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP), Edy Santoso, S.Si., M.Kom. From the BEM side, the BEM President, Dandy Ramadhany and BEM Vice President, M. Ibrahim Kumail, and several members of the FILKOM BEM Cabinet were also present.

Dewa Ngoding is one of the work programs of the Ministry of Advocacy BEM of the Faculty of Computer Science as a forum for students of the Faculty of Computer Science to get information and solutions to problems they often encounter in life in the Faculty of Computer Science because of the lack of knowledge and information of students about solutions to problems they meet.

This discussion discusses the problem of sexual violence and bullying in FILKOM UB. The opening ceremony was delivered by the Dean of FILKOM UB, Prof. Ir. Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., MT., Ph.D.

“In the Faculty, we already have a special unit to deal with this problem (sexual violence and bullying), namely the ULTKSP unit. The goal with this unit is to provide comfort to students who have these problems and convey their complaints to the faculty, so that the faculty can provide assistance,” explained Prof. Wayan.

Edy Santoso as the Chair of ULTKSP said that currently at Universitas Brawijaya there are already 14 faculties that have or have opened an Integrated Service Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying to serve students who experience these problems. This unit was established to support the Rector’s Regulation No. 70 of 2020 which protects all academics from sexual violence and bullying.

With the holding of Dewa Ngoding 2022, it is expected to increase students’ knowledge and information if they encounter a problem, especially in sexual violence and bullying while in the Faculty of Computer Science. BEM FILKOM can be a bridge connecting students to the faculty, so that the faculty can find out the problems faced by students and can be a companion and provide solutions until the problem is resolved. [drn/Humas UB/Trans. Iir]