Faculty of Computer Science Teaches Social Media Security and Content Creation at Miracle Kids Integrated Pre School

The Miracle Kids Integrated Early Childhood Education Center (PAUD) in Malang City gained new experience and knowledge regarding online security and creating social media content from a team of lecturers from the Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University (FILKOM UB).

FILKOM’s community service team consists of four lecturers, namely Agi Putra Kharisma, S.T., M.T.(1); Aryo Pinandito, S.T., M.MT., Ph.D. (2); Eriq Muhammad Adams Jonemaro, S.T., M.Kom.(3); and Ir. Zainul Abidin, ST., M.Eng., MT., Ph.D.(4) and assisted by four students from the Informatics Engineering Study Program, namely Muthiah Zhafirah Zain, I Komang Ananda Widiastana, Jubril Biruni Pamboke, and Ramadhani Rachman.

This activity was carried out on Saturday (9/9/2023) at 09.30 WIB, at Miracle Kids Integrated Pre-school, and was attended by 8 misses/teachers of the school. Miracle Kids Integrated Pre-school is located on Jl. Raya Titan Asri Malang City. Besides Pre-school, Miracle Kids also provides daycare services. This event is one of a series of community service activities funded by DIPA FILKOM UB 2023.

Several teachers of Miracle Kids Integrated Pre-school when listening to material presentations from FILKOM lecturers.

The activity begins with a pre-test, then continues with material and discussion. The material presented is divided into two sessions. The first session contains explanations and guidelines regarding security in using social media. In this session, the service team helps partners to configure so that the social media accounts used can be properly protected so as to avoid unwanted things such as account takeover by unauthorized parties.

The second session contains explanations and guidelines for creating social media content.

In this session, the service team helps create a school logo that can be embedded in the content created, for example videos or photos. For information, the partners use social media, namely Instagram Stories, as a medium for reporting daily student activities so that parents or guardians can always monitor them.

In addition, the service team also shared procedures for using Google Photos to make managing and archiving photos and videos easier.

“This activity is carried out in accordance with partners’ needs after previous observations and interviews have been carried out. It is known that partners have experienced a disaster in the form of their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts being taken over. “Moreover, it was discovered that the content produced by partners was still plain without a logo, so we took the initiative to also share how to add a logo via the Canva application so that the resulting content has branding,” said Agi.

Head of the Community Service Team, Agi (left) gives smartphones to Pre-school teacher representative of Miracle Kids Integrated Pre-school teachers.

Apart from sharing sessions, the service team also provides assistance in the form of tools in the form of smartphones that partners can use to carry out daily activities related to the use of social media. This tool has been carefully selected to suit the partner’s needs, for example in terms of reliability, camera quality and battery life used. In general, activities can run smoothly according to plan and the results obtained have met the expectations of all parties. Based on the results of the pre-test, post-test and activity questionnaire, it can be concluded that partners can receive and absorb the results of the activity well.

This collaboration between Miracle Kids Integrated Pre-school and FILKOM UB lecturer team is a good example of how universities can contribute to pre-school children. By providing their resources and knowledge, FILKOM UB lecturer team helps increase awareness of online safety and empowers Pre-school teachers to become more effective educators in this digital era. [drn/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]


Videos of activities can also be seen via the following link: https://youtu.be/D0radgKCv_w