Faculty of Health Sciences UB Educates Community Groups at Risk of DM in Malang City

Body Composition Measurement Activities

As part of the responsibility for social problems in society, especially those related to the risk of diabetes mellitus (DM), lecturers at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Brawijaya University (FIKes UB) carry out community service activities with the theme “Risk Screening and Education Package for Diabetes Mellitus in the Family Altar (FA) Group in Malang city”.

This activity involved three UB Faculty of Health lecturers from the Department of Nursing and Nutrition, as well as two students led by Dr. NS. Heri Kristianto, MKep., Sp.Kep.MB. This activity will last for three months, namely August to October 2023, which includes screening, education/consultation, and a healthy walk with FA Langsep group in Malang City.

Health screening activities carried out include checking blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid, as well as checking body composition. This screening was welcomed enthusiastically by all members of FA Langsep.

Blood Capillary Examination

Based on the results of the examination, it was continued with educational activities about DM which were carried out online via YouTube, and offline through regular meetings every week in the FA group.

“Participants were very enthusiastic in asking questions about how to regulate nutrition, organize exercise according to each individual’s needs, and how to prevent DM,” explained Heri.

As the peak of the community service activities, a healthy walk was carried out with members of FA Langsep which was attended by 30 people at Vila Puncak Tidar Malang area on September 28 2023.

In this activity, healthy walks and game therapy were carried out as a form of providing group support in capacity building activities by distributing door prize souvenirs to participants.

Offline weekly educational activity

“All participants really enjoyed this activity as an effort to build physical and spiritual health in an effort to build team cohesion,” said Heri.

Chair of FA Langsep Group, Mrs. Endah, said that this screening activity was very useful so that FA Langsep members could find out about their health conditions and be more aware of maintaining and managing a healthy lifestyle, as well as becoming a routine agenda for FA Langsep family every 1-2 months.

The Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Afat, really appreciates this activity to increase knowledge about healthy lifestyles, both spiritually and physically to form a healthy lifestyle in social life.

“I hope that an event like this can be held again in the future,” concluded Afat. [HK/Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]

Healthy walk Villa Puncak Tidar
Online weekly educational activity