FIKES Conducts MoA with the University of Manchester United Kingdom

The Faculty of Health Sciences, Brawijaya University (Fikes UB) signed an Implementation Agreement document with the University of Manchester United Kingdom (UoM UK).

The signing of this document was feedback from the Delegation of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) chaired by Dr. NS. Heni Dwi Windarwati, M. Kep., Sp. Kep.J when carrying out Lecturer Work activities at UoM UK.

The aim of this grant is to facilitate UB’s internationalization by strengthening international cooperation activities and increasing the number of QS university collaborations from 100 to 300.

On November 6 2023, three FIKES UB delegates consisting of Dr. NS. Heni Dwi Windarwati, M. Kep., Sp. Kep.J, Dr. Kuswantoro Rusca Putra SKp. M.Kep., and Ns. Evi Harwiati Ningrum, S.Kep., MHSM went to Manchester to present the results of research and literature studies at The University of Manchester.

Dr. Heni carries the title ‘Adequate Maternal Mental Health and Psychological Adaptation (Ub-Uom): Optimization of Mental Health, Emotional, and Psychological Adaptation Among Mothers and Families During Pregnancy to Postpartum, which is a joint project in the field of mental health.

This research focuses on the mental health and well-being of pregnant women from the pregnancy process to postpartum. WHO data (2022) shows that as many as 20% of pregnant women experience maternal mental health problems such as anxiety and depression during pregnancy and postpartum. In Indonesia, as many as 373,000,000 primigravida mothers experience mild to very severe anxiety (22.5%-30%) and 42.8% experience anxiety before childbirth and the risk of suicide. Maternal mental health has physical and psychological impacts on mothers and babies, including poor antenatal care, premature birth, death, lack of emotional involvement, neglect of the baby being born and problems with the mother’s interaction with the baby.

Meanwhile, two other member lecturers, namely Dr. NS. Retno Lestari., S.Kep.M.Nurs, and Dr. NS. Lilik Supriati., S.Kep.M.Kep ., participated through online meetings. On November 8 2023 at 09.00 local time a seminar was held with the UoM Mental Health study group.

Some of the participants from UoM include Emily Vicary MPsycholSci (Hons) MBPsS, RMN, Laoise Renwick BNS, PGCE, PhD., Dr. Gokce Cokamay Yilmaz, and Dr. dr. Asri Maharani explained several results of his research study. At the beginning and end of the seminar, UB delegates were invited to present the profile of FIKES UB and several things that could attract UoM staff to activities at UB.

“It is hoped that this joint research project can provide data-based solutions to create programs to improve mental health for pregnant and postpartum women. This Research Fellowship activity was carried out together with Helen Brooks who is the head of the Mental Health Research Group in the fields of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Works. “The mandatory output produced in this activity is a MoA with Partners signed by the Dean of the Faculty and including the name of the Study Program and Submission of Research Articles to the Reputable International Journal Scopus Q1,” said Dr. NS. Heni Dwi Windarwati. (*/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)