FCS UB Held Student Outbound Activities with Miyazaki University and Kyonggi University

MOP (Mizayaki Oasis Project)
MOP (Mizayaki Oasis Project)

The Study Program of Japanese Language Education (SPJLE) of Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held Student Outbound activities with Mizayaki University from Japan and Kyonggi University from Korea entitled MOP (Mizayaki Oasis Project) on Tuesday (1/12/2020). This activity was held online through the Zoom platform which was attended by 20 students of SPJLE FCS UB.

The form of this activity was information exchange and free talks with Japanese and Korean students. Initially, the coverage of participants from each university was only around six students, but as time goes by, many participants were interested in taking part in this activity. Students from FCS UB who are taking part in this activity have passed the selection through the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and GPA scores.

The MOP activity aims to make SPJLE FCS UB students fluent in foreign languages ​​with the native speakers. The implementation of the MOP activity consisted of five activities, including self-introduction, group interviews, getting to know more about group members, and free talks.

Rike Febriyanti, M.A, a lecturer of SPJLE FCS UB as the student supervisor in this activity, explained that the students who passed the selection had already created a WhatsApp group and had prepared a collection of information related to Japanese and Korean culture. The enthusiasm of the students could also be felt before the MOP activity took place.

“There are no obstacles in preparing this activity because the schedule has been arranged systematically. The students themselves have to be better prepared, “said Rike. [DTS]