FCS UB Collaborates with IC-Tech Japan for Certified Internship

Hamamah, Ph.D., Dekan FIB UB, and Hitoshi Ogura, Direktur IC-Tech Japan

The Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Hamamah, Ph.D., and the Director of IC-Tech Japan, Hitoshi Ogura, signed a Collaboration agreement related to Certified Internships. The signing of the Collaboration agreement was also witnessed by the Dean, IRO, MBKM Team, native lecturers, and representatives of IC-Tech Indonesia in the 6th Floor Meeting Room of Building A FCS UB on Tuesday (9/8/2022).

IC-Tech Japan, located in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, is a sub-contracting company in the field of information technology that oversees several business branches in several Asian countries. Its business fields include food and beverages, auto parts and manufacturing, security services for building, creative industry, interior design, websites, mobile apps design and development, and so on.

This collaboration aims to combine human resources who can speak Japanese with the world of work in the business field of IC-Tech partners. Intern students can occupy work positions as translators, data inputters, social media optimization, and office staff.

The internship contract period is approximately a year. Before the internship period begins, IC-Tech will provide a briefing to students. If there are ten prospective internship students, IC-Tech is willing to come to FCS UB to held the briefing. The briefings included solutions to the problems of living difficulties in Japan, culture shock, language barriers, and others.

Dean of FCS UB and Director of IC-Tech Japan Sign Collaboration Agreement
Dean of FCS UB and Director of IC-Tech Japan Sign Collaboration Agreement

In this meeting, the two parties discussed and agreed on several points of collaboration. Students must have met the requirements, such as having passed N3-N2 and in the fifth semester or taken 80 credits. Courses in semesters 5-8 can be recognized with the internship activity of 20 credits.

IC-Tech is responsible to fulfill living expenses, pocket money, return tickets, health and accident insurance, and transportation costs. In addition, if students work overtime, IC-Tech is also obliged to pay for the overtime work.

After both parties determine the agreement, the signing of the collaboration agreement is carried out. This cooperation agreement is valid for the next five years.

“Let’s make relations not between countries but between people to create good conditions for all of us. Let’s make this meeting by making everything happen, and we can be the best in Asia,” said Hitoshi Ogura. [dts]