FIA UB Tax Report Assistance

Tax Report Assisstance in FIA UB

Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya carried out E-Filling on Tuesday (7/3/23) in Building B FIA. The e-filling was attended by the Office of DJP East Java III, KKP Pratama North Malang, KKP Pratama South Malang. Also present were the Dean of FIA and lecturers and educational staff in UB Environment.

Siti Rahayu, as an Associate Expert Tax Extension Officer Kanwill DGT III, refers to this agenda as a routine schedule. “This annual SPT filling activity is a form of tax volunteers assisting taxpayers to report their annual SPT,” she explained.

Siti Rahayu, Associate Tax Expert Kanwill DGT III

Annual SPT reporting is mandatory for taxpayers who have a deadline of March 31 for personal taxpayers and April 30 for corporate taxpayers.

“We, from Kanwill and the tax service office will continue to assist and direct tax volunteers in carrying out their duties,” added Siti.

In addition to tax reporting assistance, DGT East Java III also socialized the use of NIK as a substitute for NPWP. “The use of NIK for NPWP has been implemented since July 14 2022 and in general starting January 1 2024 onwards all tax administration services and other administrations that require NPWP for BPOP use NIK with NIK as NPWP, it is hoped that all existing taxpayer data will be integrated in DGT, agencies and associations and other parties,” he explained.

“We hope that this activity can be a means of increasing knowledge for ladies and gentlemen, we also hope that this activity can be implemented to create a complete and obedient taxpayer in payment and reporting,” concluded Siti. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]