FH-UB Provides Legal Assistance for the Inmates of Class IIB Bangil Detention Center

BKBH FH UB with Class IIB Bangil Detention Center

Legal Assistance and Consultation Agency, Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (BKBH FH-UB) Collaborates with Class IIB State Detention Center (Rutan) Bangil. Through this collaboration, BKBH FH-UB provides free legal assistance to inmates at the Class IIB Bangil Detention Center.

The signing of the cooperation agreement was carried out in Bangil Detention Center Hall, Friday (22/12/2023) which was attended by Bhanad Shofa Kurniawan (Head of Bangil Detention Center), FH-UB representatives namely Galieh Damayanti, S.H., M.H (Secretary of BKBH FH UB), Afrizal Mukti Wibowo, S.H., M.H (Consultation Division of BKBH FH UB), Wiwik Tri Haryati, S.H., M.H (BKBH FH UB Partner Advocate), Laila Tusakdiyah, S.H (Admin BKBH FH UB), and Paralegal BKBH FH UB. This signing was also attended by inmates of Bangil Detention Center.

The Secretary of BKBH FH UB with the Head of Bangil Class IIB Detention Center

Secretary of BKBH FH UB Galieh Damayanti, S.H., M.H said, this collaboration is the basis for increasing the synergy of the two agencies in community service, especially in providing legal assistance in the form of legal consultations, legal counseling and free legal assistance to Bangil Detention Center inmates. BKBH FH UB and Bangil Detention Center agreed to provide a better understanding of the legal rights of inmates.

“This cooperation agreement was created to ensure that every individual has full access to justice. The rights to obtain legal assistance are the rights of all citizens, including inmates. We are moving together to bring about positive change in the lives of the inmates,” said Galieh.

Handover of Souvenirs from BKBH FH UB to IIB Class of Bangil Detention Center

The Head of IIB Class Bangil Detention Center, Bhanad Shofa Kurniawan, said that the signing of this collaboration was a strategic step in improving legal services for inmates.

“The aim is to provide better access to legal aid for prisoners and detainees. So, they can understand their rights and get proper legal protection. In addition, this collaboration can also create a fairer and more transparent atmosphere in handling legal cases in prison,” said Bhanad.

The Handover of BKBH FH UB Souvenirs by Secretary of BKBH FH UB Galieh Damayanti, S.H., M.H. to the Head of IIB Class Bangil Detention Center Bhanad Shofa Kurniawan

UB BKBH Partner Advocate in Bangil-Pasuruan, Wiwik Tri Haryati, S.H., M.H hopes that this collaboration can increase the inmates’ understanding of their rights and access to free consultations and legal assistance, both litigation and non-litigation.

It is also hoped that this agreement can become an example for detention centers or other correctional institutions to establish partnerships with consultation and legal aid organizations to improve justice and human rights in the criminal justice system. [Gal/Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]