FEB Signs Integrity Pact to Achieve  Corruption Free Area

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) held the Signing of an Integrity Pact in an effort towards the Development of an Integrity Zone as a step towards achieving a Corruption Free Area (CFA) and a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (CSBA) at FEB, Friday (23/2/2023).

The Dean of FEB, Abdul Ghofar, SE., MSi, MAcc., DBA., Ak., CA., explained FEB UB’s commitment to implement corruption free and community oriented services in order to achieve an area free from gratification.

“This evaluation is expected to strengthen the role of HR in achieving CFA/ CSBA and provide significant changes to resolve problems and improve quality,” said the Dean of FEB UB.

Secretary of the Integrity Zone Team, Helmy Adam S.E., M.SA., Ak.,. provides reports and socializes the progress of the implementation of the Integrity Zone (IZ).

In his presentation, he explained the IZ CFA/ CSBA development targets, indicators for changes to the CFA/ CSBA integrity zone, as well as initiatives and impacts of activities that will be carried out to achieve CFA/ CSBA commitments in various aspects, including change management, governance, HR management, supervision , accountability, and public service. In addition, he also explained the achievements of IZ’s External Performance Report (EPR) at FEB UB.

“The activity is expected to be an important milestone in FEB UB’s efforts to achieve high standards of integrity and contribute to the improvement of a cleaner and more serving administrative system,” said Mr. Helmy Adam. [sha, 2024/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]