FEB Receives Kaizen Award from ABEST21

The Faculty of Economics and Business received the KAIZEN Award from ABEST21 (Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow). The award as the winner of the KAIZEN Award was given directly by the President and CEO of ABEST21, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Fumio Itoh to the Dean of FEB UB Abdul Ghofar SE., MSi., DBA., Ak., CA at Kyoto University. The award was given at the ABEST21 International Annual Meeting, Thursday-Sunday (9-11/3/2023)

This award is an acknowledgment from ABEST21 for the quality improvement made by FEB-UB for the last 2 years. ABEST21 gave awards to 2 KAIZEN AWARD winners namely Waseda Business School and FEB-UB. Waseda Business School which is the best Business School in Japan received awards for 2 study programs, while FEB-UB received awards for the faculty category (all study programs).

Delivered by the lecturer majoring in Accounting, FEB is ABEST21 accredited for Academic-Units. FEB includes 13 study programs for faculty accreditation. After two years the faculty was asked to make a Quality Improvement Plan report or KAIZEN report.

The assessment is carried out by the Peer Review Team (PRT) and the Accreditation Committee (PRC) based on the reports collected. FEB UB got the most votes as the winner from members of the Accreditation Committee for the Academic-Unit (Faculty) category. Assessment is based on quality improvement initiatives carried out by Faculties that report KAIZEN. There are several quality improvements that are appreciated by ABEST21 carried out by FEB-UB, including improving academic business processes, internationalization and digitalization.

At the event, FEB-UB was also asked to share the experience of quality improvement carried out for the last 2 years to ABEST21 members who were represented by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Ainur Rofiq, SE.,MM., Ph.D.[sitirahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]