FEB Held MED Again For the First Time After the Pandemic

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held Management Entrepreneur Days (MED) 2022 with the theme “Rise and Shine: it’s Business Time” (24/5-25/5/22) in FEB UB Field. This activity aims at facilitating students in prototyping products through the bazaar and the med.co.id online site.

The Chief Executive of Management Entrepreneur Days 2022, M.Abdi Dzil Ikhram W, S.E.,MM, said that this activity was attended by third and fifth semester students who were taking entrepreneurship laboratory courses. They make a bazaar in groups as a Final Semester Exam project.

Management Entrepreneur Days (MED) 2022 is the flagship program of the 15th management department which is held regularly every year.

Abdi Dzil Ikhram W, S.E., MM,

This MED is the first FEB activity that was carried out in hybrid after the pandemic. There were as many as 104 online and offline bazaars that took part in this MED activity.

Abdi revealed that it took three months to prepare for the MED activities this time. He also hopes that students who take part in MED activities can do business and create their own jobs.

“The hope is that after students join the MED activity this time they can do business and continue their business, this activity is actually a stimulus from the department of management program so that our students are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, because so far the mindset of students after graduation will work. At least around 10-15% of students who are running this business project after graduation will do business,” said Abdi.

One of the student bazaar stands named Succulent On Sack (SUCCOS) which markets several agrarian plant products at this MED event, has succeeded in selling 10 types of orchids and 20 types of succulents.

Meanwhile, Nofador Juan, one of management students, said that the Management Entrepreneur Days 2022 activity was quite good, because this was the first time for students to gather and it was very useful to develop skills as management students. (FIA/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).