FEB and OJK Held Ngopi Kuy! “Smart Students? Must Understand Digital Finance!”

The Malang Financial Services Authority (OJK) together with the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) on Wednesday (6/9/2023) held Ngopi Kuy! (Let’s have a smart chat about finances!)

The financial seminar with the theme “Smart Student? Must Understand Digital Finance!” This was held on the 7th Floor of FEB F Building and was attended by approximately 300 people who attended offline and also around 1000 participants took part online.

Present on this occasion the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UB Abdul Ghofar, S.E., M.Sc., M.Acc. DBA., Ak., and Nilam Yunida Head of Supervision of the Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKMB), Capital Market and OJK Consumer Education.

Meanwhile, resource persons who attended the occasion included Anugerah Sutejo (Senior Analyst, Vice Director of Planning, Development, Evaluation, Literacy and Financial Education at OJK) with material on Beware of Illegal Online Investments and Loans, Dewi Sriana Rihantyasni (Head of East Java BEI Representative Office) with material on Markets Modal, as well as Yoga Mahesa (Deputy Chair for Literacy Education and Research at AFPI) who delivered material on Joint Funding Fintech.

In his speech, the Dean of FEB UB, Abdul Ghofar, expressed his gratitude to OJK for entrusting and holding financial literacy events for younger UB students. According to him, the financial services sector has an important role in the economic life of a country.

“Because if we talk about finance, the source of economic life is actually money. If we look now, the economic sources are the financial centers there, so why are people urbanizing to Jakarta, to Surabaya because there are money there,” said Goafar starting his speech.

“Well, if I make an analogy, the financial services sector is like a blood vessel, a blood vessel that channels money to sectors that need money. The manufacturing industry, for example, needs funds, if there are no funds then stop activities in the manufacturing industry. “So the financial services sector is very important, where there are three pillars, there are banking, there is the capital market, and there is the non-bank financial industry including fintech,” he explained.

Gofar added, currently the development of financial services outside non-banks, including Financial Technology (fintech), is very rapid, which apart from making things easier also creates problems, especially among students.

“Well, this is a problem for friends, frankly because these students sometimes have a high desire to invest, but their ability and knowledge about finance and investment are still lacking, therefore they need proper and correct learning and literacy from the right parties, such as OJK,” added Gofar.

At the end of his speech, the Dean hoped that students would not be trapped in the loan circle and invest legally so that in the future they could be successful in managing finances and investing.

“I hope that if you want to invest, it will be legal, and we actually have an investment gallery and later, maybe around November-December, the investment gallery which we used to call the capital markets lab will move from this building to the old dean building, we will polish it better later so that later those who want to invest please later one of them will enter our investment gallery,”

“So, brothers and sisters, please listen carefully, so that you don’t lose your way in investing and managing your finances so that you can be successful and rich,” he concluded. (ron/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)