Fapet Held Virtual Graduation for Field School

The graduation process for breeder field school batch II

Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) held a Virtual Graduation of Class II Field School on Wednesday (20/1/2020).
The activity which was attended by 14 graduates, was attended by the Dean of Fapet UB Prof. Dr. Sc. Agr. Ir. Suyadi, M.S., IPU.
In his explanation, Suyadi said that Human Resources (HR) is the main factor in determining success.
However, Indonesia’s fertile geographical conditions gave rise to the philosophy of “whatever is thrown will grow”.
As a result, the community is complacent about these thoughts so that in several sectors, HR development has not become a priority.
“Valued human resources are very important in business development, because the amount of material capital and the completeness of infrastructure is not enough.” said the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Sc. Agr. Ir. Suyadi, MS., IPU., ASEAN Eng
Therefore, he explained that the development of human resource potential is very necessary, especially for small and medium enterprises to be able to follow trade competition.
Dr. Ir. Tri Eko Susilorini, MP, IPM, ASEAN Eng. as the chief executive or the head of the farmer field school, explained that currently livestock groups in KAN Jabung have major problems that hinder livestock productivity, namely the selection of seeds and animal feed.
“This problem arises due to the lack of knowledge of breeders about livestock management. If it can be resolved, it will increase the productivity of dairy cattle, “he explained
Field school implementation has four levels. There are in the first level, students are provided with material on institutions, motivation, management, seeds, reproduction, sanitation, and so on.
In the second level, they are assigned to look for problems faced by breeders, then accompanied by a team from Fapet UB to find solutions. Then at the third level focused on studying business, and the application of industrial technology in the fourth stage.
The Field School in collaboration with Jabung Agro Niaga Cooperative (KAN) is a step by academics in developing skills and insights for breeders through teaching, mentoring and counseling.
Even though it is plagued by the pandemic, this second stage school requires online meetings but it is still running smoothly, and we are very enthusiastic. Hopefully the knowledge we get will be useful for the development of dairy farming in KAN Jabung, “said Siska Norma Prasasti, one of the graduation participants. (dta / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).