Faculty of Engineering UB Inaugurates 57 New Engineers

Today, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, the Professional Engineer Study Program, Engineering Professional Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya inaugurates 57 engineers, online and offline.

Attended by 18 people offline and 39 online, all PSPPI students were taken the Engineering Oath in front of the FTUB Dean and Faculty leaders at the Prof. Ir Suryono Auditorium.

Also attending online through zoom media, UB Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Nuhfil Hanani AR MS, Head of The Indonesia Engineer Association (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia, PII) Heru Dewanto, Chair of East Java PII Prof. Dr. Ir Moh Bisri MS, Head of Departments in FTUB, as well as FTUB PSPPI lecturers.

After opening the event, the Dean of FT-UB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT IPU, reported that all engineer candidates today have fulfilled all academic and administrative requirements to become an engineer.

The assessment is carried out through the student’s portfolios using the Past Learning Recognition (RPL) mechanism.

The backgrounds of today’s aspiring engineers include; 8 people from Higher Education, 19 people from Central Government, 1 person from Provincial Government, 3 people from Regency/City Government, 8 people from BUMN, 1 BUMD, 18 Engineering Consultant Practitioners, and 1 Technical Contractor Practitioner.

“By today PSPPI UB has inaugurated 124 engineers,” he concluded.

UB Rector, Prof. Nuhfil hopes that as UB graduates, the engineers who are inaugurated today are expected to take part in their professionalism so that indirectly UB can take part through their alumni.

“Improve reputation not only in Indonesia but also at the international level! Once again, congratulations to the engineers who are inaugurated today, devote to your country and religion,” he said.

In accordance with Law Number 11 of 2014 concerning Engineering, Engineer (Ir., red.) is a degree given by Higher Education to graduates after attending Post-S1 professional education.

The title of Engineer is important for engineering practitioners, because Article 10 states that “Every Engineer who will carry out Engineering Practices in Indonesia must have an Engineer Registration Certificate”.

This was conveyed by the Chair of the PII, Heru Dewanto in his remarks after taking the process of  The Engineer’s Oath taking, Embedding Helm, and Signing the Engineer Oath.

“For those who graduated today congratulations! You have fulfilled one of the requirements to get a license to Engineer practice,” said Heru. (mic)


The following is a list of Engineers inaugurated on Wednesday, 12 August 2020:

The 18 people present at the Auditorium of Prof. Ir Suryono were:

  1. Raditya Ardianwiliandri, ST., M. MT
  2. Ceria Farela Mada Tantrika, ST., MT
  3. Afa Yura Putra, S. Kom
  4. Miftachul Rozi, ST
  5. Fourry Handoko, ST., SS., MT., Ph. D.
  6. Maranatha Wijayaningtyas, ST., M. MT., Ph.D
  7. Muchammad Noor, ST., MT
  8. Ir. Verry Dermawan, ST., MT
  9. Dewi Kartikasari, ST
  10. Bangun Yulianto, ST., MT
  11. Samsul Hidayat Setiabudi, ST., MT
  12. Viari Djajasinga, ST., MT
  13. Zainal Alim, ST., MT
  14. Mochammad Taufiqurrahman, MT
  15. Ganindra Adi Cahyono, ST., MT
  16. Nela Eliya Saleh, ST
  17. Ganjar Ratriadi, ST
  18. Eddu Pandika, ST., MT

Present online via zoom application:

  1. Herlambang Zulfikar, ST., M.MT.
  2. Dhianita Tri Utami, ST
  3. Anton Dharma Pusaka Mas, ST
  4. Dwi Agus Apriyanto, ST., MT.
  5. Ir. Gentur Prihantono Sandjoyo Putro, MT.
  6. Ir .Harry Surwianto Sutomo, ST
  7. Abdul Wakhid Hasan, ST
  8. Gunarso, ST.
  9. Budi Santoso, ST., MT.
  10. Johan Wahyudi, ST., M. Ars
  11. Darmadjaja, ST., MT
  12. Samsul Bahri, ST., M. Ars
  13. Andira Reoputra, ST., MAurp
  14. Dandun Pranowo, ST.
  15. Kukuh Santiko Wijaya, ST., MT.
  16. Riska Anshar Pramono, ST
  17. Fajar Baskoro Wicaksono, ST., M. Sc
  18. Arif Sidik, ST., M. Eng
  19. Kasim Sarewo, Se., ST., M. Si
  20. Riwin Andono, ST., MT
  21. Ir. Haeruddin C Maddi, ST., M. Si
  22. Dinhassam Ario Kusuma, ST
  23. Yulia Indriani, ST
  24. Hayyin Fahmi, ST
  25. Andhika Tommy Ardiansyah, ST., M.Eng.Sc.
  26. Zamzami, ST., M. Si
  27. Sentot Wijayanto, ST., MT
  28. Wiryanti Endah Palupi, ST
  29. Sandi Erryanto, ST
  30. Alamsyah, ST., MT
  31. I Made Gede Widhiyasa, SE., ST.
  32. Izzuddin Ismawanto, ST., MT.
  33. David Eko Mulyanto, ST., MT.
  34. Novia Endhiatama, ST., M.MT.
  35. Gita Cakra Taufiq, ST
  36. Budi Winarno, ST., MT
  37. Mochammad Sunhaji Ismail, ST
  38. Fanny Zuriyansyah, ST
  39. Roslinormansyah, ST., MKKK