Face Cream Mask Made from Kefir Brings UB Students to Win Gold Medal

Skincare Made from Kefir and Pea Flower by UB Students

Kefir is a dairy product that is fermented using lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus lactis and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. Besides being useful as a health drink, kefir is also good for skin health. So it is widely used as a beauty product.

This is because products made from fresh milk have antimicrobial properties that can prevent bacteria and fungi. As well as high antioxidant content, it can help treat skin from the effects of sunlight and pollution. Antioxidants work to protect the skin from the inside out by protecting the body’s cells from damage.

This opportunity encourages students from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) and the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) to create face cream masks from kefir. However, the team consisting of Rifaldi Fadilah (Fapet-2018), Nanda Nabilah (Fapet-2018), Sayyid Muhammad Djafar (Fapet-2018), and Nur Aini Azizah FPIK (FPIK-2017) added the pea flower.

According to Rifaldi, the flower with the Latin name Clitoria Ternatea L. contains beta-cyanins and flavonoids, which can be used to protect the skin from the sun.

“The mixture of kefir and pea flower can be formulated to produce natural skin health products, namely face cream masks.” He said

Through these beauty products, Rifaldi and others won a gold medal in Asean Innovative Science Environmental and Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) entrepreneur category. AISEFF is held online, Tuesday – Saturday (2-5 February 2022) attended by 350 teams from 20 countries. Such as Singapore, Mexico, Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Yemen, Turkey, Macau, Thailand, Iran, Nepal, Vietnam, Brazil, USA, and Indonesia. (dta/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)