KMI Expo: from Clinary,Traditional Clothes to Tour Guide

One part of the 12th Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship event in 2021 at the university are more than 100 both from various campuses throughout Indonesia. In this booth, student representatives will exhibit entrepreneurial products to the visitors who attend.

The products offered by the exhibitors also varied. Starting from goat buying and selling services, skin care products, pet care products, architect services to a variety of culinary and cultural typical products of each participant’s region of origin.

One of the attractive products was the Catfish Head Soy Sauce product which was brought by representatives from the University of Persada Indonesia Y.A.I. This soy sauce utilizes catfish heads which are considered less useful. According to Nurina as the supervisor lecturer, catfish heads are useful for lowering LDL levels in the blood. In addition, this soy sauce also uses a sweetener from Stevia leaves so it is safe for diabetics.

There were also representatives from Lancang Kuning University, Pekanbaru City, Riau. This booth promotes a traditional clothing product called Tanjak Wak. Tanjak Wak is an effort to utilize convection waste into Malay clothes and tanjak as an icon of Malay culture.

From the eastern part of Indonesia, Halu Oleo University introduced Kendari City tour guide service entitled INKA. According to Yayat Hidayat as the representative of UHO students, INKA has carried out business development. “At the first, we only serve camping equipment rental, but currently, we have opened a new service, namely camping ground and family gathering. He also mentioned that the range of INKA tour guide reached Wakatobi and Bau-Bau.

Culinary products, for example, student representatives from Islamic University of Bandung, transformed the booth into a noodle stall titled ‘Toko Bakmie Feng’ which was in great attracting. There is also a mushroom snack from Maarif Hasyim Latief University, Sidoarjo. Using the name Wak Jamil, this group promotes mushroom chips with various flavors and affordable prices.

The KMI Expo was held for two days, from Wednesday to Thursday (17-18/11/2021). In this activity, there were 92 universities that participated offline in the Rectorate Field. There is also a virtual exhibition that can be accessed via This virtual expo was attended by 159 universities with a variety of products displayed. (vQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)