Executive Meeting: Alumni and Leaders Discuss UB Develoment

Alumni who are members of the Alumni Association (IKA) return to their campuses to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Universitas Brawijaya. This moment is used as a friendly event between alumni and UB Rector and leaders. This meeting was named Executive Meeting (EM) which was held in UB rectorate building, Saturday (17/12/2022).

Presented in the Executive Meeting are UB Rector, Prof. Widodo, SSi., Msi., Ph.D., Med.Sc, Chairman of the UB Alumni Association, Prof. Ahmad Erani Yustika, PhD., Secretary General of the Ministry of PUPR Ir. Zaenal Fatah and a number of other IKA UB figures. EM presented speakers Prof. Widodo and Prof. Erani moderated by the Deputy Secretary General of IKA UB, Dr. Edi Purwanto alias Ortega.

In this meeting various agendas were discussed for the progress of UB. The Rector said that now is the time for alumni to return to campus to help build UB. With UB’s status as PTNBH, of course the role of alumni is more strategic. The Rector offered alumni to play a role in building facilities such as educational institutions, hotels, swimming pools, parking buildings, sidewalk canopies, UB Jakarta building renovations, co-working spaces and others.

Meanwhile, Prof. Erani as the Head of IKA UB said that EM as a forum for friendship between alumni that can collaborate and contribute to mutual progress. In the other hand, Zaenal Fatah said it was important for campuses to capture global phenomena such as creative economics and strengthening the role for the contribution of the people and the nation.

Another UB alumni, Wignyo Adiyoso, who is currently working at Bappenas invites students who want to do internships at Bappenas, facilitated joint education with campuses abroad and other collaborations.

After the EM event, on Saturday (17/12/2022) it was continued with ‘Ngalam Kelab’ event which was held in Samantha Krida UB building. The Ngalam Kelab is filled with various agendas, namely Humanitarian Donation and Scholarship Devotion, IKA UB Mars Launching, Alumni Award for 5 outstanding alumni and 1 institution under IKA UB, and live music.

Also presented was the PMK Coordinating Minister who also served as Chair of UB’s MWA, Prof.Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP. He said the UB campus is the second biological mother for alumni. Therefore, the form of devotion is by continuing to work and excel in giving the best contribution to the people and nation.

Ngalam Kelab is studded with Alumni Awards which are given to alumni who excel, helping in the development of UB campus, including Ir. Haru Koesmahargyo, MBA (Principal Director of Bank BTN) for the Professional Category; Ir. Mohammad Zaenal Fatah (Secretary General of the Ministry of PUPR) for the Bureaucrat Category; Dr. Al A’raf, SH, MT (Chairman of the Centra Initiative Founding Council) for the Category of Human Rights and Human Rights Fighters; Teguh Wahyudi, SP, MBA (Owner & CEO of Sariraya.Corp Japan) for the Young Entrepreneur Category; and Dr. Ir. Soni Solistia Wirawan, M.Eng (BRIN Researcher) for the Category of Academics, Researchers and Innovators.

Not only that, IKA UB also provides scholarship assistance for economically disadvantaged students/orphans and achievers worth IDR 8 million each year for 50 students.

Ngalam Kelab event was even more exciting with the announcement of Mars IKA UB for the first time. Mars UB was created by Ahmad Erani Yustika and Redy Eko Prasetyo. Mars IKA UB is the XII UB Lustrum prize which falls on January 5, 2023.

Ngalam Kelab is even more lively with the presence of artists Dudy Oris, Duo Ethnoholic, Jingga Band, PSM and others who present works & songs that are liked by millennials. (Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)