Evelyne Livenia Sentiko, Best FKG UB Graduate with Many Achievements  

Evelyne Livenia Sentiko

Graduating on Saturday (30/09/2023), Evelyne Livenia Sentiko, who is often called Live, expressed her happiness at being the best graduate from the Faculty of Dentistry, Brawijaya University (FKG-UB). She achieved cum laude honors with a GPA of 3.78 and a period of study of 3 years and 5 months.

“I didn’t expect it but I am very happy to be able to win this title. “So far I have only studied as best as I can and participated in competitions when I had free time,” said Live.

By actively participating in competitions during college, she achieved various achievements. These include 2nd Place in the NDSC DHSCE Quiz Competition, Hang Tuah University Surabaya 2023, 1st Place in the 13th Dentistry Scientific Festival FKG UB Poster Competition 2022, 1st Place in the 5th BSMD FKG UB Poster Competition 2022, and Gold Medal of Global Competition for Life Sciences (Biomedicine Category) 2021.

Live admitted that actually FKG was not her first choice when registering for college. She never even dreamed of studying at FKG because she lacked of passion in the field of dentistry, the large costs required, and lacked of self-confidence because she only had one National Selection of State University (SBMPTN) exercise book. She admitted that she felt jealous of her friends who took tutoring.

“However, after being declared accepted and undergoing it, it turned out to be very exciting and unexpected. “It turns out that at this faculty I not only studied teeth, but the whole body, we even studied philosophy, forensics and biostatistics which I never imagined I would also study at FKG,” explained this girl from Surabaya.

According to Live, what was most interesting was studying Forensic Anatomy and Odontology courses.

“I never thought that I would finally have to see a cadaver directly. Not the same I imagined, it was actually very exciting and interesting. Not scary at all. “Learning and being able to touch it directly amazed me how great God is,” said the girl who likes to read.

Currently Live is carrying out coass at Brawijaya University Hospital. In the future, she wants to become a good dentist, who continues to learn to follow developments, is willing to pay attention and sincerely care for patients so that she can make patients understand and become more aware of their oral health and are satisfied with the care provided. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]