ENSPARTAN, The Prospective Winner of Wheeled KRSBI

The Robotic Team of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won the Prospective Champion in the Indonesian Robot Contest or National KRI on (29/7-3/7/2022).

In the competition, UB team with the name Enspartan won the Prospective Champion of the Indonesian-Wheeled Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI-Wheel). The Enspartan team’s Robot names are Holmes, Triton, and Atlas. During the match, the Enspartan team managed to qualify for the semifinals after defeating the DAGOZILLA (ITB) team with a score of 1-0. Then in the semifinals, Enspartan fought IRIS with a score of 3-0 and USEROR with a score of 0-1, thus giving the result as Prospective Champion at the national level.

In the implementation of the 2022 National KRI, UB Team encounters several obstacles. One of them is the implementation of this year’s KRI is carried out offline after the previous 2 years it was carried out online. This causes them to be unfamiliar with the atmosphere of offline matches.

“In our opinion, all teams are the same, which is an enemy that we need to be aware of, because the KRI has not been carried out offline for 2 years, so we don’t know the extent of their progress,” said Arfian, a member of Enspartan.

UB Enspartan team has been preparing robots since October 2021. From these preparations, they managed to upgrade the robot to 4 movements, which previously only had 3 movements.

“Enspartan has been preparing since the end of the KRI competition last year, in October 2021. Before the national stage, there was an online regional selection whose system was to score as many goals as possible,” said Arfian.

“After KRI 2021, we immediately start preparing robots by considering the shortage of robots when implementing KRI 2021,” said Arfian

Before going to the National KRI stage, the UB Enspartan Team has passed the selection in the first stage in the online KRI Regional Event. In the selection, UB Enspartan managed to score 14 goals in 3 sessions, thus leading them to continue to the National KRI.

KRI is an annual student competition activity in the field of robotics design and engineering organized by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Enspartan team consisting of Arfian Nurfi Pangestu, Alfi Maghfirah, Dhika Abiyoso Rahardianto, Dzulfikar Ontoseno, Raihan Zhifhanur Muhammad and Vinsensius Anggara Paramayuda have been preparing since last year.

In this selection, Enspartan competed with 52 teams from various universities. “In 3 sessions, our team scored 14 goals to qualify for the national stage,” said Arfian. (AUR/VQ/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).