English Camp 2023

The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FIB) Brawijaya University (UB) is carrying out English Camp 2023 activities. The activities are carried out in UB Forest Field Laboratory by FIB English Language Education Study Program (Prodi).

The activity began with a departure procession which was held at FIB Building. The departure was carried out by the chief executive of English Camp 2023, Dr. Hasbullah Isnaini was accompanied by all the lecturers teaching the English Education Study Program.

In his speech, Hasbullah expressed his thanks to the entire committee who had worked to organize the 2023 English Camp. This activity can be used by new students to get to know each other better. Strengthen relationships between new students, seniors and lecturers.

“Hopefully the activity will run well and smoothly. Make this activity a way to get to know each other and strengthen relationships with friends, seniors and teaching lecturers,” ordered Hasbullah.

This English Camp activity is routinely held every year. The participants who took part were new students. In 2023, this time there will be 155 students divided into six groups. The activity is scheduled to be held in UB Forest Field Laboratory for two days and one night. [pon/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]