English Camp 2023: Practicum and Fun Learning

After not being able to hold for two years, the English Language Education (Pebasis) study program of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) again held an English Camp. This annual event for new students was held in Sahabat Alam Hamlet camping area, Karangploso, Malang, for 2 days (29-30/11) as a practical activity which was packaged in the form of fun learning. Practicums that are usually carried out on campus are moved to the open air, which of course involves more cooperation and interaction between students.

“This year, there are 155 new students in our study program. Of course preparations will be more intensive since the students will be doing their first outdoor activity, after last year’s English Camp was held on campus,” explained Dr. Moh. Hasbullah Isnaini, chief organizer of this year’s event.

Dr. Aji Setyanto, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Entrepreneurship in his welcoming speech expressed his support and the need for the continuation of this event. As a superior program, of course Pebasis study program gives full attention to this program.

“Through this English Camp, we hope that students will not only get conventional language learning, but also through a different approach,” he explained. This was also agreed by the head of the Language Education Department, Dr. Ive Emaliana. Of course, this annual agenda can be used as a characteristic of the study program, which can attract prospective Pebasis study program students.

English Camp is a practicum for the FCS UB English Language Education study program which combines four language skills courses. At the start of the activity in 2015, this event was called Grammar Camp, which changed the following year to English Camp. During the trip, English Camp was on hiatus during the pandemic. In 2022, English Camp was held on campus to consider the problem of anticipating the spread of omicron. Finally, in 2023 permission was given to be held in its original format, namely outside campus. [ag/pon/UB PR/ trans. Iir]