Six UB Field of Sciences Enter QS WUR World Ranking

Chairman of UPT Reputation Adharul Muttaqin, S.T., M.T.

The higher education ranking agency, QS World University Rankings (WUR) released a list of the most superior universities based on scientific field groups or by Subject 2024.

Chairman of UPT UB Reputation, Adharul Muttaqien said, in the 2024 period, University of Brawijaya (UB) experienced an increase in the number of scientific fields included in the ranking compared to the 2023 period where there were only three scientific fields.

The Faculty of Engineering lecturer said, in the 2024 period, UB’s QS WUR by Subject achievements will be five specific field of sciences (Specific Subject) and one broad field of science (Broad Subject).

“Accounting and Finance ranked 301-350, Agriculture and Forestry ranked 301-350, Law and Legal Studies ranked 301-350, Business and Management Studies ranked 451-500, Economics and Econometrics ranked 451-500. Meanwhile, one broad field of science is Social Science and Management, ranked 501-550,” he said.

Adharul added, there are several indicators involved in the assessment, namely Academic Reputation; Employer Reputation; Citation Paper; as well as H-Index Citation for this field.

“Academic and Employer Reputation assessments are based on surveys distributed to a number of people. Academic Reputation related to academic surveys assessed by several field experts, while Employer Reputation is a survey in non-academic fields distributed to a number of graduate users,” he added.

Whereas, paper citations are the number of citations for one Scopus indexed paper.

“If a paper has high citations, it means that UB’s publication will be seen as very high quality and will become a reference,” he said.

Meanwhile, H Citation Index is the number of documents that have a certain number of citations.

“Publication is measured from the H Index which relates to the number of articles produced by the author and cited according to the specified index or number,” he explained.

The Electrical Engineering lecturer said that this achievement is a proof that UB is a university that has good quality, especially in the fields of science included in QS WUR by Subject.

“By this, we can maintain UB’s reputation as one of the best campuses in Indonesia,” he concluded.

The hope is that by increasing the number of the fields of science included in the ranking, prospective students can be confident in continuing their education at UB.

“We will show the prospective new students that UB also has various scientific fields that are recognized worldwide,” he hoped.

In 2023, UB’s fields of science included in the QS WUR ranking are Law and Studies at 301-350, Agriculture and Forestry at 251-300, and Business and Management at 451-500. (FRHN/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).