Four of UB Fields of Science Improve Ranking at QS WUR

The higher education ranking agency, QS World University Rankings (WUR) released a list of the most excellent universities based on groups of fields of science or By Subject 2022.

QS WUR by Subject assessed 1,543 universities from 161 countries with 51 scientific subjects, and based on 5 indicators, each academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per paper, and international research network (IRN).

As a result, in the 2022 period, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has increased its achievements compared to 2021 which is only in two specific fields of science (specific subject).

In the 2022 period, UB’s QS achievements are divided into three specific fields of science plus one broad field of knowledge (Broad Subject).

The three specific disciplines are Agriculture and Forestry ranked 301-350, Business and Management Studies ranked 451-500, and Law and Legal Studies ranked 301-340.

Prof. Nuhfil

Whereas the broad field of science, namely Social Sciences and Management, it is ranked 401-450.

According to the fact file released by QS, other fields also have a significant score even though they are not included in the ranking list.

This achievement shows how UB can maintain its quality so that it remains and continues to be in line with top universities around the world.

UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS., said that the QS World University Ranking is the most prestigious in the world since it shows the quality and reputation of universities.

Allhamdulillah, UB has started the QS by Subject ranking since 2020 in the field of Agriculture and Forestry. In 2021 the subject of business and management studies will be increased. This year, there are three specific fields of science and one broad field of science which ranking has increased in the QS Star version,” said the former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Prof. Nuhfil added, with this improved ranking, it means that the four subjects owned by UB are the best and have been recognized by the world.

“My hope is that in the future there will be more subjects in the QS WUR ranking,” he said.

The Deputy of Ranking at the Quality Assurance Institute, Adharul Mutaqin S.T., M.T., explained that this achievement shows that Universitas Brawijaya continues to get good recognition in the ranks of international universities.

With this recognition, the hope is that Universitas Brawijaya will be more trusted in collaborating and cooperation to realize its vision. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).