EGP Shares Happiness Along with Akhlakul Karimah Orphanage

EGP to share happiness along with Akhlakul Karimah orphanageStudent’s Activities Unit English Garden for Prosperity (EGP) Faculty of Animal Husbandry University of Brawijaya held a breaking the fast together and social service at Akhlakul Karimah orphanage, Monday (20/Jun/2016). The event is EGP’s annual agenda and the second to be held at Akhlakul Karimah orphanage.

This 2016, they lift a theme “Hand in Hand with Our Happiness” which aimed to tighten the relationship and fraternity with orphanage’s foundation.

EGP charity and breaking the fast together was initiated with addresses from EGP president, BEM representative, orphanage caretaker.

M. Ngalaul Huda as EGP President delivered that the event is one of EGP’s community services with student’s assignment not only to learn but also contribute to the society.

This regard was well welcome by the orphanage, Cici as its caretaker representative expressed her gratitude since EGP is still willing to visit Akhlakul Karimah orphanage to break the fast together and social service as previous year. In addition, she also presented that the existence of the event could motivate the orphanage inhabitants to study harder and to become active students and also concern with the environment.

While waiting for bedug azan maghrib, EGP members played few games such as “let’s introduce ourselves” and introducing parts of the body by singing. The games aimed to invite participants to dare using English started from little things like self introduction. Participants who dare to perform in the game is being given little gifts as a form of appreciation and encouragement. As a closing, being executed a handover of social service outcomes which have gathered by EGP participants for two weeks before the event. [nic/dita/Humas UB/trans. Denok]