Educating Chinese Language and Culture through Chinese Paradise 9

The Student Association of Chinese Literature Study Program Universitas Brawijaya again provides education in the field of Chinese language and culture to the public through Chinese Paradise 9.

The highlight of the annual event which carries the theme “Development of Chinese Culture” is the Awarding Night from a series of competitions and also material on the development of Hanzi (Chinese script) from lecturers as well as native Mandarin speakers online, Friday (11/19/2021) night.

Astrid Cattleya Maharani Wayindra, Chairperson of Chinese Literature Student Association, said that Chinese Paradise 9 held 5 competitions that reflected the development of Chinese culture, namely Shufa (Chinese Calligraphy) competition, Shuimohua (Chinese ink painting) competition, poetry reading competition, singing competition, and Chinese beauty contest.

“We are trying to inspire our friends to continue to be productive and compete to increase their potential and talents. So that Chinese Paradise is held again this year, for the 9th time,” he explained.

With the restrictions during the pandemic, said Astrid, many sacrifices were made by students who participated in holding this event.

She said, the series of competition registrations had started since October 4, 2021 and then ended with the Awarding Night.

“Even though it is being held online again, I really hope that Chinese Paradise 9 can still be held lively through this awarding night,” she added.

Metta Seluyren, one of the participants who won the championship, expressed her gratitude for being able to take part in this Chinese Paradise activity. Moreover, there are Shufa (calligraphy) and Shuimohua (Chinese ink painting) competitions, both of which are rarely held by other agencies.

“I myself do have a hobby in the arts, especially painting, so I signed up for Shufa (calligraphy) and Shuimohua (chinese ink painting) competitions, I was able to win in both competitions,” she impressed. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).