E-Molar, an IoT Based Electric Bamboo Toothbrush and Machine Learning

In an effort to improve the dental health of Indonesian children, a new innovation has been introduced by four young innovators at Brawijaya University (UB) in the Student Creativity Program (PKM). Starting from their concern about children’s dental health in Indonesia, the prevalence of cavities in early childhood is still very high, reaching around 93 percent according to the results of Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) in 2018. Meanwhile, only 7 percent of Indonesian children are free from dental caries. And one of the main causes of dental caries is lack of dental and oral care. The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected dental care habits.

Based on this, the four young innovators, two of whom came from the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) with Clara Ayu Elsafitra and Kamila Wahyulita Hardina, while the other two came from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FT) with Ghifari Raihan Arafah, and Ryandra Azka Ridho F. below the guidance from Dr. Thareq Barasabha, M.TT conducted research with the latest innovation, namely E-Molar. E-Molar, which is an abbreviation for Smart Electrical Bamboo Toothbrush, Toothbrushing Education for Children Integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning, is here as an interesting and smart solution to overcome the problem of children’s compliance in maintaining healthy teeth.

E-Molar comes with various superior features designed specifically for children. One of the main features is a reminder when to brush your teeth which is accompanied by an interactive tooth brushing procedure. With this reminder, children are reminded to brush their teeth properly and not miss the recommended time. The E-Molar design is also ergonomic, so children can easily grip and use this toothbrush. With all the features and design it has, E-Molar is expected to help parents and children maintain the health of their children’s teeth and teach them the correct technique for brushing their teeth. It is hoped that this innovation can change the way children care for their teeth and reduce the prevalence of dental caries in early childhood. With E-Molar, paying attention to children’s dental health will become easier and more enjoyable, helping to create future generations with healthier smiles. [tim/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]