DWP UB Held a Recitation entitled “The Privileges of the Month of Rajab” at FCS UB

Questions and Answers Session
Questions and Answers Session

This February, we entered the month of Rajab. For Muslims, this month is special. Therefore, Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) also welcomed the month of Rajab by holding a recitation with the theme “The Specialty of Rajab”. On this occasion, the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) was appointed as the organizer.

This recitation was held online through the Zoom Education platform and Live Streaming via the humasfibub Youtube channel on Wednesday (2/24/2021). Meanwhile, the event was held in the Hall Building A FCS UB. Ustadz Amrizal Arif Lc., was invited as a speaker, and Diah Eko Wahyuni, S.S., as the presenter.

The series of events began with the opening, followed by recitation of the holy verses of the Quran (the echo of the divine revelation) and recitals, remarks from the Head of DWP UB, tausiah (religious lecture), questions and answers session, prayers, and closing.

Echoes of divine revelation and the recitals were read by Sakinah Hilya Abida and Mila Nabila from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology UB. Furthermore, the speech was delivered directly by the Head of DWP UB, Dr. Ir. Sri Winarsih Nuhfil Hanani, MS.

“This theme is very relevant to current conditions because the month of Rajab is very important, considering that Muslims will meet the month of Ramadan, with the hope that we can meet Ramadan which is more glorious and abundant in virtues. Hopefully, we all get the blessings in this month,” said the Head of DWP UB.

The next series or the core of the event, namely the tausiah was conducted by Ustadz Amrizal Arif Lc. He explained the existence of this month of Rajab as in the quotation of the Quran Surahs (QS) At-Taubah, the history of the month of Rajab, and the glory of Rajab.

Furthermore, at the end of the event, a question-and-answer session was held which was answered by the cleric directly and ended with a prayer and closing of the event.

The event can be watched via the link https://youtu.be/WtUYBV-AbCo [DTS]